Monday, December 11, 2017

Come Join our Facebook Party ~ Christmas Tea With an Author

Erica Here:

For the past several days, there's been an ongoing party over on Facebook, and it's not too late for you to join! A group of Love Inspired Historical Authors is hosting a "Christmas Tea With an Author Party."

This isn't your typical Facebook party, where time is short, posts fly by quickly, and sometimes it can be difficult to catch your breath. Those are fun, but who needs that during the already busy days of this holiday season? So we thought we'd try something a bit different. Each day since December 1st, we've been posting, chatting, and otherwise socializing with our guests. Folks can drop in any time, see what's new, have a little cyber-tea and cookies, and chat with other readers and authors.

There are prizes, recipes, heroes, heroines, and lots of CHRISTMAS!

Oh, and did I mention we're giving way a Kindle Fire and Book Package? So there's that, too!

Hop on over to:  to get in on the fun and enter to win prizes!

My day to host the party is tomorrow, but don't wait until then. Stop by today, and again tomorrow! :)

ERICA VETSCH can’t get enough of history, whether it’s reading, writing, or visiting historical sites. She’s currently writing another historical romance and plotting which history museum to conquer next! You can find her online at and on her Facebook Page where she spends WAY TOO MUCH TIME!


  1. Looking forward to your posts at the FB party tomorrow!!


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