Monday, August 7, 2017

What's in your TBR Pile?

Erica here:

I just finished reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. A riveting narrative non-fiction story about a murder in Savannah, GA.

The desire to read the book came after I visited Savannah this summer. A town rich in history, with beautiful architecture, museums everywhere, charming squares around which antebellum homes stand in graceful rows...I was fascinated with the city and wished I could spend more time there.

In nearly every shop and museum store, I saw this book for sale, often signed by the author. So, when I got home, I put it in my TBR pile, and I just finished it this past weekend.

Next up for me is a biography:

I have recently become a fan of Rugby Union and of the All Blacks, the national rugby team of New Zealand. They have an amazing history, and I have been eager to read more about one of their early captains, Dave Gallaher, a man who not only led them to the most successful international tour in history. They played 35 matches and lost only once while on tour in 1905.

Dave Gallaher, though he was past the age of conscription, signed up to join New Zealand forces in World War One and lost his life at Passchendaele in Belgium during the Third Battle of Ypres. His grave is visited often by Rugby fans and New Zealanders.

New Zealand and Belgium honor Dave Gallaher's memory.
Also on my reading list is the mystery Death in Kenya by M. M. Kaye. Kaye is most famous for writing The Far Pavilions, a sweeping love story set in 19th century India. But she also wrote several mysteries, of which Death in Kenya is one. I've read Death in the Andamans, Death in Zanzibar, and I started Death in Berlin, but put it aside, though I can't remember why.

Death in Kenya is my August choice for the online-book club to which I belong. The Dewey Decimators have read some pretty cool books in recent months, and it was decided that August would be a reader's choice. Since I am on a deadline, I decided rather than The Far Pavilions, which runs to about 1000 pages, I would choose another M. M. Kaye instead. :)

So, what's on your TBR list?

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  1. I'm currently reading Convicted by Jameel McGee & Andrew Collins. It's a true story but reads so much like fiction. My next one will be The Separatists by Lis Wiehl and Beneath Copper Falls by Colleen Coble. Also Jaime's soon to be released The House on Foster Hill!

    1. Those all sound great! :) I love non-fiction that reads like fiction.

  2. I am reading A Name Unknown by Roseanna White and The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green. Next a whole pile of them on my Kindle and my real shelf! Probably choose something on one of my challenges on goodreads.

    1. Goodreads challenges are a great way to branch out and read something that you wouldn't usually pick up, aren't they. I'm finding that with my online book club, and I'm loving it!

  3. Currently reading Homefront Defenders by Lisa Phillips, up next: The Return by Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman and five short ebooks for judging in the International Digital Awards sponsored by OKRWA. Plenty to keep my nose in a book, lol!

    1. You are a busy reader! :) But then again, I knew that! ;)

  4. I'm reading The White Witch by Elizabeth Goudge (fictionalize tale surrounding the English Civil War), finishing Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, and really, really enjoying in a sobering way, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Stowe.


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