Monday, July 10, 2017

Union Pacific Princess with Jennifer Uhlarik

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be here on Coffee Cups & Camisoles today! Thanks for letting me share a little bit about my story in the recently-released Of Rags And Riches Romance Collection. My story is titled Union Pacific Princess, and as the title might indicate, it centers around the Union Pacific during the building of the transcontinental railroad.

Would it surprise you to know I didn’t create this story specifically for the Of Rags And Riches Romance Collection? That’s the truth. In fact, I came up with the idea back in 2012 when I submitted it for a different Barbour collection. At the time I dreamed up the story, I wondered if it was a close enough fit for the “pioneer” theme of the other collection. Obviously, it wasn’t, as the story wasn’t selected for that book. As I often do, I decided I would expand the idea into a novel. However, for various reasons, I never got the story written. It languished in my computer files for five years, waiting for its turn. Then, Gabrielle invited me to be part of the Of Rags and Riches group. As we brainstormed story ideas, I realized I already had the perfect story to fit the theme. God knew exactly when and where this story should be published, and I had only to wait for His timing on the matter!

So…a little about my story. My heroine is eighteen-year-old Dara Forsythe, a Boston socialite and social crusader who has been separated from her father, a bigwig with the Union Pacific Railroad, for the past seven years. Upon her mother’s unexpected death, Dara agrees to move west to rekindle her
relationship with her father. The moment she steps off the train in the hell-on-wheels rail camp where her father, Connor, lives and works, she realizes she’s stepped into a whole new world. The tent city is noisy and dirty, full of rough men and women, some with questionable morals, and not a bit like Boston. The one redeeming quality she can find in the place is the southern gentleman who quickly steps in to help her.

Hero Gage Wells is a former Confederate Sharpshooter—a Civil War sniper. He’s had his fill of war and loss. At the war’s end, he leaves his beloved Georgia to make a new life out West, where he quickly makes friends with the Cheyenne Indians. But as the railroad forges a path through the territory, Gage sees another war brewing, this time between the white settlers and the Indian tribes who already live there. He sets out to stop Connor Forsythe and the railroad. But when he helps a pretty young woman during a moment of extreme danger, he realizes he’s just aided the daughter of the man he’s trying to stop. And that man offers to reward Gage for his bravery by giving him a job with the railroad.

Gage and Dara are from two very different worlds. Dara is rich and has had every opportunity afforded to her, but longs to rekindle her relationship with her father. Gage is formerly a poor Southern farmer who committed unspeakable deeds during the war, and now longs for a quiet life away from conflict. Can they each reach their respective goals while cultivating the romance that quickly sparks between them, or will one or both end up disappointed and heartbroken?

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Union Pacific Princess as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you for sharing a little about my characters and story today!

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  1. Waving hi to Jennifer! I loved this story!

  2. You are one of the two authors I didn't recognize from this collection. Isn't God's timing perfect! "Knowing God is Never Late, Makes it Easier to wait."

    1. Nice to meet you, Gail, and a hearty AMEN to your comment. My whole adult life has been one lesson after another in learning God's timing is perfect, and His ways are far above my own. Not always easy, but when we learn to wait, He proves over and over just how wonderful HIs promises are!

  3. Hi Gail, congrats on the latest release!


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