Monday, July 3, 2017

The Gardener's Daughter by Anne Love

Anne here.
I have to say it's a tad surreal to be posting about my debut short story that has been published the week with the Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection. A huge shout out to all those who have encouraged me, and a humble thanks is due!

This story sprung from years of driving through Bay View, Michigan, to visit my grandparents. My grandfather was a carpenter from a nearby town, who would open and close many of the Victorian style old cottages in spring and fall. When Gabrielle invited me to write a story that reflected the disparities of the Gilded Age, Bay View floated to my mind first.

The theme of our novella collection is the Gilded Age, which was thick with a wide disparity of wealth among the social classes in America. The Gilded Age is a term coined by Mark Twain to describe the thin covering of gold that glossed over the differences, shiny on the surface while corrupt beneath.

The unique setting of this story is that Bay View community is a "Chautauqua"--a learning community that sprung from a turn-of-the-century craze that swept the nation starting in the Methodist church camps. The trend started at Lake Chautauqua, New York, and spread to Bay View and many other communities where many city dwellers sought a place for summer tent meetings. Soon the week long meetings grew to include the summer months and tents were replaced by summer cottages, while the meetings grew to a community learning style that resembled a broad array of liberal arts education.

In The Gardener's Daughter, the nephew of a prestigious Chautauqua resort founder sets his eye on the new library assistant believing her an academy student, but it soon takes more than reciting poetry for love to bloom when he learns she’s the humble gardener’s daughter.

In our culture today, uniqueness is important to see and preserve. Yet it remains a challenge to bring unity and healing where differences exist. In my story, my heroine struggles not to deny her identity as the daughter of a humble gardener, while not letting it keep her from opportunity, even love.

My hope is that the sweetness of love that God designs for His people will shine through this story and even though it's fictional, may your hope for redemption of real love grow brighter.

Stop by each day these next two weeks to hear from each author in our collection.

I'd love to hear stories of how fiction stories about love have shaped your faith and your hope for love.
God writes the best stories and the most unlikely matches, I'd love to hear examples from you about the unlikely.

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  1. Congratulations Anne! My husband and I met on a blind date set up by friends. God ordained for sure. August we'll celebrate 37 yrs.

  2. Congrats, I'm so happy for you - Anne, Jaime, and Gabrielle!! You have each introduced your 1st published work since I have been following you. Though I'm not surprised - knowing it would happen for each of you one day.

    I'm past the age, physically/health-wise, of searching for romantic love again but God has filled my life with contentment and joy. And He has used Christian Fiction to draw me nearer to Him!!

  3. Anne, I live in MI and have a past relative (my great, great grandmother) that attended one of those church camps in a tent. She talks about it in her journal. I can't wait to read your novella!

  4. Hi Anne. I am a retired librarian and our Kentucky Humanities Council helped public librarries in our state sponsor programs to enhance the lives of our patrons and entertain them at the same time. They were called Chautauquas and we were able to offer many over my 22 1/2 years. This sounds like a lovely story!

  5. Hi Anne, fictional love stories remind me that love can truly happen with god and faith, all is possible.


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