Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Fun in Maine!

Anne here.
Summertime is vacation time! Summer vacations are some of the best memories. Many of you are on a school schedule and still view summer as a time to get away. Even though my kids are out of the house, my husband teaches school and our schedules are still on a school schedule.

Every year we haggle and dream about what vacations we want to take for the coming year. I've dreamed of vacationing in Maine for years, but every time I'd bring it up for the vote, it got hacked down. My hubby would argue that I could see trees and forests anywhere, why drive that far? But, but...I'd whine. So this year, to my total surprise he called my manager at work, arranged for time out and announced that he was taking me to Maine! I was filled with glee of course, because he also said that he would oblige me to stop at any historical thing I wanted to see. My mind raced with possibilities.

We drove there and back some 2000+ miles (he drove the entire trip!). We stopped in North East, Pennsylvania, at a B & B and drove interstate 90 all through New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine where we stayed in Wells.

We enjoyed lobster rolls, antique shops, a walk along Ogunquit Beach, and an off broadway show at Ogunquit Playhouse, Bullets Over Broadway, with an appearance by Sally Struthers. We also found an out of the way organic farm, spent the day in  historic York, Maine, found an Irish restaurant, and discovered that "fine" antiques out east can mean rare old pieces at exorbitant prices!

From there we headed to Freeport, Maine, and spent most of the day at L.L.Bean headquarters, ate Ben & Jerry's, then drove north to Rockport after stopping at an Italian restaurant for a little non-seafood cuisine, because every meal except breakfast had been seafood, which we loved!

In Rockport, we stayed at a cute little place where they served continental breakfast on a large deck surrounded by lovely flowers. We spent most of a day on Lincolnville Beach, an afternoon at the Lighthouse museum, and hit up a string of antique stores.

We noticed that the history on the coast is very old, dating back in many towns to the 1600's. At the organic farm, we learned that it had been owned by the same family since they immigrated and it had a family cemetery that held stones dating back to the 1700's--no need to research when all your ancestors are in your back yard! We also noticed that many places have piled rock walls very similar to all around Ireland, and many antique stores had pieces that have probably been around the east coast for centuries. Also, it's not generally blazing hot there. All in all, we had a wonderful trip!

Where are you headed for summer vacation?
What's on your bucket travel list?
Anyone else been to Maine?
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  1. Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time! My father grew up on a small dairy farm about an hour south of Freeport, but it's been ages since I've visited. I'm glad you finally got to visit. Maine has a beauty all its own :)

    1. It's sooo lovely. I hope you get back there some day, Amanda! It's quite a trek.

  2. My daughter has always wanted to vacation in Maine. She said it's on her bucket list.
    Beautiful pictures Anne!

    1. It's been on my Bucket list for years! I hope she gets there!

  3. I have never been to Maine. I am currently trying to plan our belated 30 anniversary trip. I am torn between going to Tennessee and Arkansas or taking a trip from where we live up to Maine.

    1. Congrats on your 30th! If it's summer, I vote Maine--it's cooler up there!

  4. Never been to Maine only as far north as Pennsylvania for vacations and then to Washington DC for a day trip from there. We did live in Virginia for a few months while my husband was in the Navy. Love the pictures and I love antiques! Thanks for the vicarious trip!

    1. I love to live vicariously through other's vacations! Glad you enjoyed "the trip"! DC is a great trip too!

  5. Great post once again! Thumbs up;)


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