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Rags and Riches - Win, Place, or Show

Erica here:

We're so excited here at CC&C to celebrate the launch of the novella collection: Of Rags and Riches. Many, many months ago, Gabrielle had an idea for a novella collection, and she invited Jaime, Anne, and me, to join her in submitting story ideas. (Along with five other authors whom you will meet later in the month.)

My story in the collection is Win, Place, or Show, and it is about an aspiring equestrienne and her riding instructor.

The idea for the story came from watching the Facebook posts of a friend of mine who is a riding instructor. Katie Gardner lives at Otteridge Farm in Virginia and comes from a long line of excellent horsewomen.

Katie's commitment to the well-being of her animals and the safe, kind, intelligent instruction of her riding students shines from her posts and pictures and videos. I knew I wanted my hero, Gardiner Kennedy, to embody those same qualities.

Gard is a retired army major, a cavalry riding instructor, and soon-to-be horse breeder. He's inherited his grandmother's farm, a property that has been in disuse since her death, and with his riding fees and instructor fees, if he can scrape together enough money, he's got his eye on the perfect stallion to start his breeding program.

The template for
Gard Kennedy

If he survives a summer of debutantes and dillettantes who care more about their pleasures than about the animals they ride, he'll reach his dreams.

Beryl Valentine, society gem, would chuck all the soirees, balls, and high teas to spend all her time in the barn. She loves horses, especially her mare, Lacey. But her father owns Lacey, and he sees horses as assets to be swapped or sold as the whim takes him. Beryl is always afraid her father will sell her mare...something he's done to her twice before with horses she loved.

The template for Beryl Valentine
Gard has no place in New York society, so when he finds himself drawn to Beryl, he has to pull back on the reins. And Beryl, though she is falling in love with her riding instructor, knows that her parents would never allow her to marry so far beneath her station.

With Gard wary of society girls and Beryl weary of the parade of young men her mother foists on her in the hopes she will marry well, each must guard their hearts from the other.

I had a great time writing about the horses and people in this story, and I owe a big thanks to Katie for all her help with the show horse information.

I hope you will get a chance to read about how Beryl and Gard give up their dreams, only to find they get what they wanted all along.

But reading the stories isn't all the fun to be had! The collection authors are gearing up for a Facebook Party to be held July 18th. We'll be giving away prizes, talking about our stories, and playing some games. We hope you'll be able to come.

You can learn more about the party and RSVP by clicking HERE!

If you would like to learn more about Otteridge Farm and the fabulous people and horses who inspired this story, check out:

Otteridge Farm

And if you would like to learn more about the book, you can find it by clicking:

Of Rags and Riches

We hope you'll join us here at CC&C this month, where we'll also be giving away a LOADED Kindle Fire e reader! Check back here for details!

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  1. Sounds exciting! I love horses and love to ride. Looking forward to reading your story Erica, along with all the other ones. Looks like a great book.

    1. :) Thanks, Barbara! We are super excited that all four of us are in the same collection! :) I hope you enjoy all the stories!

  2. Am loving this wonderful collection, Erica! Your novella is next on my reading list for this -- once I get my Kindle Fire out of my son's hands (we're out of state promoting my novel and only one Fire between the three of us!) Congrats on this new release! Interesting post!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I hope your book promotion goes well!!

  3. I hope I get a chance to read this collection. Each story I've heard about sounds wonderful. I've put myself as going for the FB party, I can't wait :-)

    I'm not a farm girl, but I think the idea of taking care of horses would be something I'd love to do. I've only ridden horses a few times in my life and it would be wonderful to have a professional instructor teach me a few tricks. Especially if he were as dashingly handsome as the model for Gard ;-) Oh my he makes me heart all aflutter...haha!

    Anywhoooo...congrats ladies on the new book release!! So happy for each of you!

  4. Erica, your novella description has got me hooked. Now I wonder how Gard and Beryl make things work. I love the equestrian aspect, definitely something a bit new from other books and novellas I have read lately!

  5. Thanks Erica,enjoyed this post! Congrats on this new story (Looks like a cute hero ;) ) and to all the authors on this new collection!

  6. Hi Erica it's so great to read your story!


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