Monday, May 15, 2017


I know Mother's Day can evoke negative experiences for some if we choose to define motherhood in a narrow biologic definition. But we can all choose to join in the midwifery of delivering life, celebrating nurture, and the rich beauty of womanhood. Anything on this earth can be twisted by the deceiver into something ugly, nasty, and weighed down in mire if it becomes bereft of all that it could be--and womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood--is no different.

But Anne here. Glass half full. I love Mother's Day for the moment to celebrate all that is good. Because we should band together, lift one another up, and cheer each other on. We should inspire each other to deeper faith and richer friendships. I hope you found a way to do that this week in some way.

I was blessed to have all my kids home for the weekend. My daughter-in-law and I spent literally all of Saturday on looking up her family and solving a mystery of an unmarked photograph from about 1920. In the process, we discovered her 3x's great grandmother was a mother of three living boys and two living girls, having lost two boys and two girls. She went on to raise her sister's children and several orphaned girls. Her obituary said she lived a life that was always concerned for the spiritual welfare of children. What a testament. She turned her losses and the losses of others into opportunities for nurture, healing, and beautiful restoration. #OvercomingLosses

I also listened to a sermon last week where the minister interviewed a woman from Flint, Michigan, who lived in the hood where so much street violence had occurred that she was afraid to leave her house, but God impressed upon the minister to knock on her door and form a relationship with her that introduced faith into her life. The woman was participating in this sermon seven years hence and was telling how this one act of faith changed her life because the women who she chose to disciple with "kept coming". She called them her "spiritual stalkers"--in a good way. Women reaching out to women. Bravely stepping out in the midst of dangerous places. Sisters now, in Christ. #SpiritualSisterStalkers

I sat yesterday on the church pew between my husband, my mom, and on her other side was my husband's spiritual mom who picked him up for church every Sunday through his childhood. She treated him like her own four boys. She had him at her farm, at her Sunday dinner table, in their hay mow, in her prayers, during time of spiritual bankruptcy. No surprise that tears streamed down my face at the richness of having a full pew, my adult children on the pew in front of me. Not that the sitting in a pew is rich--but the heart-reasons for why and how we all got there, why we stay there, why we keep coming back. That. #SpiritualMoms

These are only three short blips on my radar of a full and overflowing cup.
I hope you can name many more of your own.
So. Happy Mother's Day. Blessed womanhood, sisterhood, motherhood.
What's your hashtag?

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  1. What an inspiring message Anne. One of the things our pastor mentioned yesterday in his message was that there is not enough mentoring these days of older women to younger women. We had a program like that at one time but it eventually fizzled out.
    Love your family picture and that all your children were there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My hashtag is #thankfullyexhausted, if that makes sense. I love the mothering life and am grateful beyond measure for it.


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