Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday's Devo: Worship is My Anti-Thesis

Anne here.
When the theme is stress and the thesis emphasizes worry, when the world says by definition I had a stressful week last week, or that looking ahead I should be stressed by the unknown on the horizon--I get down. I worship. I wait for the anti-thesis to my culture's critique and prediction.

I have a minor procedure scheduled this week. I've had, truly, total peace about it. But the closer it gets, my brain goes all crazy on me. Everyone knows there are no guarantees in this world and that in a word, a flash, life can take a different turn.

But as I worshiped and talked with my Lord this week, He reminds me of His sovereignty in a barrage of ways so tiny, so timed, so precisely for my soul. And just how He does this for billions all across the globe and the centuries, while He's also busy keeping the planet spinning and the flowers blooming, and the sun shining--just rocks me through and through. He's got this.

My daughter's twenty-third birthday is today. Last week her birthday request was for me to take her to Manifest worship night to attempt prophetic painting--basically painting your conversation with God while you worship. We drove after work on Friday night to an out of the way little country church across state lines on a road we'd never been to before. #RoadAdventure! We worshipped with sisters and brother's we'd never met before. We heard their testimonies and worshipped together. An awesome reminder to me of God's handiwork, His sovereignty, and how He works all things together for our good.

Then yesterday, during the children's bell choir, they chimed their bells to "I've got peace like a river in my soul" and I got all teared up thinking how child like faith accepts peace easily from the Father. It's us who muddy up the waters thinking far too much about the "what if's".

Next, we stood for adult worship and the words of my favorite hymn I'd picked 31 years ago for my baptism swept over my should. The tears of peace rolled over me. It was true then. It's still true now. It will be true no matter what lies ahead. Lord, "Take My Life and Let it Be".

And the conclusion of my Anti-cultural-thesis: we sang "The Lion of Judah" Love that song.

I can't put into words, or paint for you the exact peace I have for this week. But I just offer it to you this week as a voice of hope and peace for your week as you face a world that throws Anti-Peace at you. Worship. See what precise things God reveals to you.

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen.
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  1. Creative worship, how unique! I love it!! Wish we had something like it around here. We have a local artist/teacher that paints to worship music in front of an audience. She's so dramatic and powerful in her presentation. And she keeps flipping the canvas around to where you don't know what the finished picture will be until right at the end.
    Tell your daughter I said "Happy Birthday!"


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