Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another Change of Plans

Erica Here:

For ages, we, Peter and Heather and I, were looking forward to May 20th. We had tickets to see the MN Twins play. (Actually, Heather and Peter had tickets to see the Twins, I had a ticket to see the Kansas City Royals who were in town for a three game series.)

For ten days beforehand we started watching the weather forecasts...and the closer we got to game day, the worse the forecast looked. Rain, rain, and more rain. 100% chance of rain from 1-5 pm, when the game was scheduled to be played.


We drove up to Minneapolis, about 100 miles from our house, walked through the rain (Thank you, Jesus, for umbrellas!) picked up our batting shirts (free to the first 10K fans) at the turnstiles, then went to the ticket window to get tickets exchanged for another day. Great seats for the game on Memorial Day (of course, there is now rain in the forecast for Monday...good grief!)

Then arose the question, what should we do now that we have an afternoon in the Twin Cities to kill?

Go to a history museum, of course! The Minnesota Historical Society Museum had a new World War One exhibit that we hadn't seen, so we hotfooted it from Minneapolis to St. Paul and popped into the History Center.

I have to say, the exhibit, while very well curated and interesting wasn't at all what I thought it would be. The artifacts and documentation focused on what was happening on the home front during the War rather than the European battlefields.

Women's suffrage, the African-American struggle for equality, silent movies, food drives for Belgian relief, the movement toward prohibition, traveling evangelists, and more.

I did get to visit with an artist who is creating several World War One murals. Since I have very little artistic ability, it was fascinating to watch him work on a portrait of Harry S. Truman. One of the murals had the Union Station from downtown Kansas City, and another had a young Dwight Eisenhower. So many Kansas connections! :)

All in all, we had a great day, even though it didn't go as we had originally planned.

Lemons, lemonade. :) Speaking of which, we had some lemonade when we ate at Chick-fil-A! :D

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  1. We're getting an abundance of rain here in Alabama too! Glad y'all were able to salvage your trip.

    1. I'm only hoping we don't get rained out on Monday, too! I'm ready for some serious sunshine!

  2. Tons of rain here in Michigan, too! Crazy weather. :) Glad you made lemonade out of it. ;)


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