Wednesday, May 3, 2017

American Heritage Girls and Quilts!

Erica here:

This week I got to attend a speaking engagement I have been looking forward to for some time. I met with a local troop of the American Heritage Girls!

Most of the time when I have a speaking engagement, it's to talk about writing fiction, the publishing industry, books and the like. But this time, they asked me to come talk about another passion of mine, quilting!

I was asked to give a brief history lesson of quilting and bring some examples of how a necessity has become a folk art.

EEK! Just up my alley!

Antique quilt in the foreground, and a memorial quilt
sewn by yours truly. 

I brought samples of Civil War and Depression era fabrics, examples of machine and hand quilting, some quilting books that showed classic and modern designs, and a vintage 30's quilt sewn by my husband's grandmother.

It was such a pleasure to talk about history and quilting to a nice, interested group of girls and their leaders. I love being able to combine my passions!

As an added bonus, one of the girls was named Erica, and she's a Jayhawk fan!!! :) :) :)

What are some of your interests and passions?

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  1. I'm not a quilter but I'm sure it was fun for you to share with like minds.
    I've seen some beautiful crochet patterns that are made to look like quilts. I may attempt one of those eventually.

    1. I've seen those, too. They look so beautiful! I would have to start with a baby one though. One big enough to cover a bed would be daunting!

    2. Ohhh Girl, I can't believe YOU said it would be daunting.....someone who works on a cross-stitch as elaborate as you do!

    3. :) I guess we each pick our poison. :) The cross stitch is coming right along, but it will probably take me five years to complete!


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