Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Do You Do When Someone Rises From The Dead?

I'm reading Francis Chan's "Forgotten God". Holy goodness ... literally ... it's about the Holy Spirit. The mysterious Person of the Trinity.  But, what struck me was something Chan said about the disciples. I'm paraphrasing. When Jesus told the disciples to stay and wait for the Holy Spirit -- they did. Because that's what you do when someone who died and then comes back to life gives you direction

I laughed. Out loud. Literally. It was such a small one-liner but made such big sense. It was a "no duh" moment. Think about it. Man dies. Man rises again. Man stands in front of you -- has defeated death -- is breathing. You can even touch him and your hand will stop, because He's flesh and bone, Not a ghost. Like, yeah. I think if He tells me to do something, I'm going to listen. Obey. Take it into consideration, at least.

Wow. BUT DO WE? Every day this Man who rose again, conquered the most evil of sin's consequences, and done what no one before or after had done of their own power -- every day He gives me directions. Good ones. Solid ones. It's not like following my GPS in downtown inner city and I lose connection to the satellites. No. Jesus' directions are GOOD ones. It's no duh. Follow them, you idiot. (I'm speaking to myself here)

But I don't. I argue. I ignore. I cast away. I absolve myself of any responsibility.

I asked my daughter the other night to stop pushing her ring bologna around her plate. A reasonable request as a mother. With big baby blues she replied matter-of-factly, "It's okay, Mommy, I'm just moving them over here." And she continued on her merry way. It wasn't a life changing moment. It didn't have earth shattering consequences. She just uncovered what it was like to have to clean off  a diningroom table after leaving multiple greasy handprints all over it. Pure logic. No. I'm not arguing. I'm just explaining why I'm not going to do it your way.

Sometimes Jesus doesn't ask us to do anything earth shaking. Just "stay here", "wait" ... "It's okay, Jesus, I'm just going to run ahead a bit. I can still see You, so it's fine. Don't worry."
He's not worried. But we should be.

Really. If you were face to face with a dead man and he was breathing, would you really question his authority?

Just a thought for the day. Maybe instant obedience should be something I consider more quickly ...

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  1. Our problem I think is being human. Jesus is not standing right in front of us. It's easier to go our own way at times but he is patiently waiting.


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