Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Research Begins

Erica Here:

I am currently winding up a novel for a deadline, but...I'm already in the plotting stages for the next story.

Any guesses what my hero's occupation will be?

The research phase of writing historical romance is one of my favorite parts of the process. A part I could easily get lost in. History fascinates me. All history, but especially history of the American West.

Over the next couple of weeks, as I finish up my current project and get it turned in, I will be delving into history books, learning the terminology, getting a feel for the type of men who did this important, hard work, and beginning to form an heroic character in mind.

Who is one of your favorite historic characters, and what was your favorite subject in school? Extra sprinkles if your favorite subject was history, like mine was!

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  1. My favorite subject in school was lunch! Science was a close second. Space fascinated me and I grew up during the age of the space race. King Tut was always interesting to me...loved Steve Martin's song about him!

    1. Lunch! LOL!

      I loved history and reading, and King Tut was a cornucopia of interesting things! I got to visit the Treasures of Tutankhamen a few years back, and I was enthralled.

  2. I loved literature. I'm trying to think back to my school days. ;) Joan of Arc was interesting to me and Mother Teresa. :)

  3. My favorite subjects were a combination of History and Literature. As for a favorite character, no clue. Too many to consider! :)


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