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Interview & #Giveaway with Author Davalynn Spencer

I, Jaime, am super happy to have Davalynn Spencer here at the CCC blog! She is a co-author and a fun storyteller for The Cowboy's Bride Romance Collection! And you can't go wrong with a good historical romantic western, can you?

Join me in welcoming Davalynn!


Thank you so much for visiting us today here at the CCC blog! Can you tell us about your latest release and what inspired you to write the story?
            Thank you for inviting me to share with you and your readers today. I love the camisole-coffee connection, because most of my writing involves both. My most recent collection release is “The Wrangler’s Woman” in Barbour’s The Cowboy’s Bride. And honestly, I love this story. There’s something about Corra Jameson and her “paper beaus” that just tugs at my heart.

Tell us about the setting of the story and why you chose that particular spot/area/region:
            This novella is set just up the road from where I live, along US Highway 50. Today the spot is known as Texas Creek, Colorado, but in 1881, it was Ford Junction – the place where train passengers could board the stage for a wild ride from the Arkansas River, up Texas Creek, and into the Wet Mountain Valley and the town of Westcliffe. The trek is as beautiful today as I imagine it was in the 1880s, and several ranches lie along the route. I placed Hanacker Land and Cattle Company right there along Texas Creek.

What is the primary spiritual theme of your book, and if that’s not applicable, what do you hope readers take away from reading your novel?
            I want readers to consider the fact that God is full of wonderful surprises that He wants to share if they’ll just follow His lead.

How did you determine what names to give your characters?
            Names tend to just pop into my head, often with a little help from my heritage. I love the sound of the name Corra, and always relate it to Cora in Last of the Mohicans. Jameson is my mother’s maiden name. It’s fun to pepper my family members’ names throughout my stories. Josiah Hanacker? Well, he just walked up and told me his name. And the horse, Rena? That was my mare’s name when I was in high school.

Which sub-character is your favorite and why?
            I adore secondary characters because they add such flavor to a story and draw out unexpected characteristics in the main hero and heroine. In this story, my favorite is Pop, Josiah’s ailing father.

Moving on from your story, tell us a little about yourself. 

What hobby do you enjoy in your “free” time (‘cause we know you have tons of free time!)
            When I’m not writing, I’m reading or teaching or walking my Queensland heeler, Blue the Cowdog. I teach Creative Writing at our community college.

Tell us about your pets (if you have some)!

            Well, you just met Blue, so that leaves his feline sidekicks, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. (Annie is an opportunist, and I frequently find her sitting beneath the bird feeder waiting for lunch to fly in.)

We talk a lot about faith and how it weaves throughout our fiction, here at the blog. How has your faith affected/or not affected your writing?
            Everyone has faith, but in what? The focus of our faith is what counts. My faith is in Jesus, and His presence permeates my life and thoughts, therefore it permeates my writing. It may not be overt, and I hope it is never preachy. But it’s there, in the lives of the characters, in a passing thought or conversation. I can’t leave it out.

Because Jaime has some darker elements to her split-time historical and contemporary romantic suspense coming out this year, she likes to ask weird questions. So, if you were to find yourself stranded in a creepy old house at night, who would you want with you to keep you company?
            A big, snarly dog. But seriously, I wouldn’t stay in the house! I’ll take my chances outside where I can see what’s comin’.

Anne, Erica, and Gabrielle all write sweet historical romances. How does romance influence your own writing?
            Romance is in everything I write, whether contemporary or historical. The challenge is coming up with a plot to go along with the romance raging in my head!

And for some extra fun . . .

If you could pick one superhero to save you from impending doom, who would it be and why?
            Well, if my son reads this (um, probably not) he’ll expect me to say Batman. So I’ll be a good Mom and say, “Batman.” But honestly, I’d much rather have Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan. I know – not exactly superheroes.

If you could guest star in one TV show, what would be and what would your ideal role be?
            I’d love to be on NCIS, the original series, and I’d be a super sly and smart Mossad agent.

Name one significant heirloom or keepsake you have and why it’s important to you:
            My husband’s aunt recently gave me a silver fox evening jacket that was given to her by her aunt. It is from the 1930s and is absolutely beautiful and in pristine condition. I was surprised and honored to be the recipient since I am not a “blood” relative, so to speak. It will someday go to my daughter who is really into vintage clothing from the 40s-50s.

We’d love you have you share a snippet from your novel to entice us and hook us! J Please share something below:

            A hard ride up the canyon would sweat the woman out of his system. Lord knew, he was grateful she had what Jess needed. And he was confident that his daughter would be ready for Beatrice’s visit by summer’s end.
            He just hadn’t figured on Corra Jameson having what he needed, too.

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  1. Thanks for hosting me today! It's so fun to meet other authors and readers.

    1. So pleased you're here! Can't wait to interact! :)

  2. I live in Colorado as well, but have not been down to the Texas creek area. We will be moving soon, so we may have to visit that area before we go. It sounds beautiful with the ranches and land. I also love the names of your pets! :)

    1. Thank you, Joy. Hope you get down our way.

  3. Wonderful interview! My favorite pet would be our dog Chuckie. He was a poodle sheltie mix. He was not aware of the fact that he was a dog. He literally saved my life. I was having what I later learned was an allergic reaction to a medication. My heart was beating out of sync. My HMO dr was not going to send me to the hospital, he sent me home. Hubby was working a 24hr, shift. Chuckie got on the bed with me and would not let me lay flat for more than a few minutes. I mean he nipped at my shoulders and arms until I sat up again. My heart felt like jello wiggling in my chest. I called the dr again, he told me to take a xanax an calm down. Chuckie was on my heels everywhere I went, he wouldn't even go out or eat. When my husband got home, he took one look at me, called the dr back and said to call the hospital he was taking me to the ER. When I got there, my pulse was over 250, my blood pressure was bottoming out, I was in A-fib with extra abnormal heart waves that were incompatible with life. The triage nurse only knew my name and age before I was in the Cardiac ICU with a defibrillator on the bed next to me. The cardiologist said that if I had laid down and fallen asleep, I would have died. A few procedures and a good zapping, I was able to leave the hospital 10 days later. Chuckie was a special boy for other reasons as well. April 13th will be the eighth anniversary of his death. I still miss him every day.

    1. Andrea - what an amazing story. Chuckie sounds like an incredible dog. We often don't give our pets enough credit for their intelligence and loyalty. Thank the Lord, Chuckie was there for you.

  4. Thank you for this interview Davalyn,I really enjoyed it! Haven't read your stories yet. and this looks like a wonderful one to start with! Love a great western story! :)

    1. So glad you stopped by, Lynne. Thanks!

  5. My fave was my first dog, Sparky. She was totally blind at the end of her life but followed me whereever I went. sonja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

    1. They see with more than their eyes. Thanks for stopping by, Sonja.

  6. My favorite pet is a dog - We currently do not have any pets - but I love dogs

  7. I've already read/enjoyed/ reviewed this collection but I am happy to share the giveaway!! :-)

  8. So glad you enjoyed (and reviewed!)this, Trixi. Thanks for commenting.


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