Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Behind the Scenes: The Life of a Writer-Mom

Jaime here. I'm in the dark vortex of writing a novel, so my pal Teresa is filling in for me today with a fabulous behind-the-scenes look into life as a writer AND as a Mom. T? Thanks for being here!


“How do you find time to write as a mom?”
If I had a dollar for every time I hear that question…well, you know. I wouldn’t have to wait for bestseller stardom to quit my day job. The only consolation is watching regret slowly creep across the glazed eyes of the person asking when I launch into an explanation. It’s pretty amusing. (Listen, I laugh so I won’t cry. Well, who I am kidding? I cry, too.)

All writers encounter road blocks, obstacles that keep them from maximum efficiency. I’m sharing today about being a writer-mom because it’s my perspective. Here are some antidotes about what the life of a writer-mom is like. If you’re a mom-writer too, then go change into your yoga pants, fill your mug with the now cold coffee left over in the pot….and laugh/cry with me.

The Time I Kicked My Kid

We currently reside in an apartment. The luxury of not having yard or repair responsibilities is not lost on me. But this means we’re limited on space. And so, I most often write at the kitchen table. My eight-year old daughter is in a phase of wanting to be near me all…the…time. It’s sweet, really. One evening, to be close by while writing she camped out under the kitchen table. With a blanket, pillow, iPad, snack, and the dog. When she finally went an entire five minutes without squirming, I became immersed in a scene and inadvertently kicked her in the head. Pretty hard. I waited to laugh until she got settled on the couch.*

The Time I Was Kicked Out of an Establishment

My husband, who is wonderfully supportive of my writing endeavors, works very long hours. Usually including evenings, leaving me on solo-parent duty during the week. But on the weekends, he often sends me too to write somewhere for several hours. My favorite place is a cafĂ©/bakery near our apartment. They know me now—know what I’m working on, my usual order, that I prefer half and half for my coffee, and that I write there to escape the distractions of home. So, imagine my horror when the cute boy-man waiter approaches one late afternoon and tells me they’re closing in fifteen minutes for some insane corporate meeting or training or some insanity. “I promise I’ll be quiet. I can’t go home yet. They’ll be watching Frozen and the laundry won’t be done yet and I’ll have to talk to them.” No doubt I looked desperate, but he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled sheepishly. On my slow walk toward the front door, he handed me a bag with a blueberry scone and coupon for free coffee on my next visit. Poor boy-man….he tried.

The Time I Told a Little White Lie

I love the weekend days I get to write for several hours in one sitting. But most often, my writing time happens between the time my daughter goes to bed and my husband gets home from work—usually about 8:30 to 11:30pm. One school night I was feeling the pressure of an editing deadline. So, I might have taken advantage of my daughter watching her show on the TV and not the iPad (where she can check time easily) and told her that it was bedtime a whole 45 minutes earlier than it really was. “Wow, Mom, tonight went by fast.” *Side eye.* I know, I know! But those edits were hopping like little monkeys on my back, folks. I needed the house dark and quiet and primed for super stealthy word-ninja’ing. Thankfully it didn’t backfire and everybody won. I stayed on deadline and my daughter was extra rested the next morning. Win-win. Right?

The Time It All Paid Off

Just a few days ago, I finished content edits and was ready to send my book back to my editor for a final edit. To my surprise, my daughter excitedly asked if she could be the one to hit “send” on the email. She did, then we danced around the dining room together. She graced me with “Mom, I’m so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard.” And just like that, the late nights, wishing I could be a full time author, and writing in undisclosed locations suddenly didn’t feel so burdensome. She was watching my hard work and determination despite the inconveniences. Maybe one day she’ll have her own stories to tell about how she did something hard (and worth it) despite the obstacles.
Just maybe this writer-mom thing is the perfect predicament for me.

*Disclaimer: No children, animals, or husbands were injured in the making of this author’s writing career. I obviously love them very much – but we’ve got to laugh about this thing called life, yeah?
Are you a mom- or dad-writer? Or maybe a full-time day jobber…multitasking word ninja? How do you find time to write despite your obstacles?

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  1. Teresa, this was a fun post to read! I love your honesty, after all, none of us are perfect, right?
    As I age some of my exploits as a mother have slipped my mind, convenient huh? Except my grown daughter minds me every now and then and also tells on herself in the process. She wanted to play at a neighbors one afternoon and I made her take her little brother so I could have some peace and get some things done around the house. She told me years later that she pinched him on the way so he'd cry and she could bring him back home!
    Ahh, the joys of motherhood! She's getting it back now because my granddaughter is ten times worse than she ever was, takes after her daddy, LOL!

    1. Gail, that's cute. :) Ah...kids. Thanks for reading!!

  2. I loved this post. I'm just beginning my "official" writing journey and I'm not sure how I will write at this stage in my life while home educating my children. But I try. I need to make regular times, I think. I'd love MORE posts like this!!!

    1. Amy Marie...hang in there, mama. It's so hard, but so worth it for our kids to see how much hard work it takes to chase the dreams that matter. Let me know how it goes and if you ever need some encouragement!


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