Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March Madness on a Deadline

 I know it isn't 2008, but that's the last time the
Jayhawks won the National Championship. :)
So, I'm on a ridiculous deadline, and it's one of my favorite and busiest time of the year. It's the post-season for NCAA Men's Basketball. From November to the first weekend in April, I live and breathe Kansas Jayhawks basketball.

But I have this deadline. I need to get a finished novel on my editor's desk April 15th. I'm really hoping that the Jayhawks go all the way to the National Championship game on April 3rd.

My manuscript is almost to the halfway point, and it has been slow going thus far. But this isn't unusual for me. I gain momentum as I work through a story. It takes me time to find my way, to get to know my characters, to make all the choices needed to set up a story.

The real challenge is going to come between writing and wanting to watch basketball. NCAA Tournament games begin at 11 in the morning and finish around midnight, with a short break in the late afternoon. The games are held Thursdays - Sundays for a couple of weekends, then a Saturday and Monday the next week.

That last weekend, Gabe and I are teaching at a conference over in Milwaukee. Yeah. I scheduled a writing conference when I'm on deadline and during the final weekend of the NCAA tournament.

I've tried to prepare Gabe. :)

The plan is to pack as much writing into non-tournament days as possible, and hopefully have most of the manuscript finished by April 1st. Then I can spend the last couple of weeks polishing and improving the story before I need to turn it in.

Of course, an early exit by the Jayhawks would mean I would have more time to write...but I don't want that! I want us cutting down the nets! I'm willing to burn all the midnight oil in the world if it means the Jayhawks are in the Final Four. :)

So, are you passionate about a sports team? Do you watch the NCAA Tournament? Do you fill out brackets or take part in a bracket pool?

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  1. Unless my son or my grandkids are playing basketball or T ball my only team I rout for is the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team, Roll Tide!! Good luck with your deadline!


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