Monday, March 27, 2017

Desperate Need of Liquid Sunshine!

This was my post two years ago, and though it's spring and finally above freezing, it's still cool and drab here in northern Indiana. I've been swamped with work, writing, and various volunteer commitments as I prep for some much needed time off. Until I'm back, enjoy this repost:

Last week we had a huge blizzard here in the Midwest. From last week to this week, there's been huge temperature gradient, from -39 wind chill to today's 46 degrees and sunny. I was bummed I had to be inside all day staring at the computer screen. Sunday my husband took me to get fast food for lunch and parked me in the sunshine to bask while he ordered. I realized I had lost track of the number of weeks it's been since I've felt the sun on my skin, in my face, or on the backs of my eyelids.

It's the end of winter in Indiana, and I'm in desperate need of some liquid sunshine in any of these forms!

My back yard in June

Cayo Casta State Park, FL

Quiet morning in the Caribbean

Or especially an all day coffee guzzle at the Blue Spoon with Jaime! 

Do you ever get the winter doldrums?
What's your Sunshine of choice on a dreary day?
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  1. We haven't had much winter here at all in Alabama. On a dreary day, here it's been overcast and rainy for several days, I like to read a good book or watch a fun movie.


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