Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Closet Cleanse

Erica Here:

First, house-keepity thing: Pam Kellogg, you won a copy of The Bounty Hunter's Baby! Congrats!

Now, onto other things:

I don't have a clothes dresser. Everything I wear goes into the master closet in cubbies, small baskets on shelves (socks and unmentionables) and on hangers.

I recently did a closet cleanse. I pulled everything out of my clothes closet and sorted...and sorted...and sorted.

So. Many. Clothes!

You see, my closet had become a 'cram it in and hope it doesn't topple onto the rest of the house' sort of Jenga Puzzle.

Which is odd, since I'm not a clothes horse, and don't have anything remotely approaching a personal 'style.' Unless you call jeans and a t-shirt style.

This ISN'T my closet, I just found the picture
on morguefile. :) 

Though I don't seem to have trouble throwing other things away, I apparently don't like to get rid of clothes. However, it was beyond time, and I started hauling things out of my closet and dumping them onto the bed to sort.

There were three categories of clothing on my bed:

Things to keep.

Things to donate.

Things to throw away.

And in my mind, there were a few other categories as I sorted:

Why did I buy this?

Why haven't I thrown this tatty old thing out?

When am I ever going to wear this again?

Where did that come from? 

I found some treasures that had gotten pushed to the back, and I found some things I had been hanging onto for sentimental reasons but would never wear again. 

Joy of joys, I found that some things were too big for me now, and some things I had been saving for 'when I would fit into them again' actually fit! Go me!

Again, not my closet, but illustrative!

It felt so good to only put back into the closet the things for which I knew I had a use. Everything had a place, and there was space between my blouses and dresses to actually see what I had. So freeing!

(One notable exception. I kept a pair of jeans that I wore when I was at my heaviest ... FIFTY pounds ago! It's a good reminder of where I've come from and where I never want to return to again!)


I donated a lot of clothing to the Salvation Army, and I got rid of old, worn out stuff. Now my closet is nice and tidy.

An added that my side of the closet is organized and it is easy to see where things go, when my husband folds the laundry (don't be jealous, I know how awesome he is!) he also now puts away my clothes instead of leaving them on the bed for me to put away. (And by put away, I mean cram into whatever space I could find on the shelves.)

I've also found since cleaning out my closet and inventorying the contents, that when I am out shopping, I am much more judicious about what I buy. Do I need this? Where will I wear it? Do I have something in my wardrobe that already fills this function? What will I purge from my wardrobe and replace if I purchase something new?

How about you? Have you ever done a wardrobe purge? Is your closet organized?

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  1. Wrote a long post and lost it when my phone rang, oh well.
    Congrats on the weight loss. I keep trying. I need to lose 45 to 50 pounds. I'm on day 24 of a 40 day sugar fast. A group on Facebook is sponsoring it. So far so good but it's not easy. Bread is my comfort food.
    What did you do to lose 50 pounds?

    1. Gail...slowly. I wish there was a magic pill, but it's diet and exercise. :(

  2. Lauren here, what an inspiration! Hubby and I had so many things in our closet that it literally broke! The shelves and rack came crashing down one day. We still need to fix that. Meanwhile we are using another closet. I'm not a clothes horse either, but like you, have accumulated things I should just get rid of.

    1. It's so freeing to purge!!! Let it go! :)

  3. I knew that first picture wasn't your closet the moment I looked at it, because there wasn't enough red in there. :) Way to go! I need to clean my closet. *Sigh* Another thing on my long to-do list.

    1. Yep, still plenty of red in my closet...and now I can find what I want! :)

  4. Reading your post made me think of Mindy Starns Clark's wonderful little book The House That Cleans Itself. Your system of sorting what to keep, give away, etc., brought that book to mind. Even though I already do a lot of the stuff she advises it's still a very helpful tool in getting your whole house organized and kept clean.

    I don't have a lot of clothes as I hate shopping. Usually, I get rid of stuff from my closet every few months. I need to organize it better though.

    1. I haven't read Mindy's book. It sounds good. And you are very disciplined to organize and cull every few months! I'm jealous!

  5. I'm impressed with your weight loss and clean closet. I'm happy to be the winner of The Bounty Hunter's Baby! Thanks!

    1. :) Congrats! I haven't made it to the PO yet, but I will!


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