Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My Bucket List

You know that thing called a "Bucket List"? I have one. Don't we all? There's a few things I definitely want to accomplish before I die, but also some I already have accomplished.

  1. Being Published. This was a huge bucket list item. Check! 
  2. Getting Married. Yeah. I always wanted to get married, to have that someone who was devilish and rakish and an all around rogue. Check!
  3. Traveling the World. Sure, there's a ton more places I'd like to go, but so far I've been able to hit: Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Nepal, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and oh yes, Canada. ;)

So what's left on my bucket list? 
Really, it's the rather weird things ...

  1. I want to catch a sail-fish, or as some call them, a sword-fish. Catch and release; I've no interest in eating it. 
  2. I want to swim with a dolphin. Who doesn't? Cliche. Err. Still I do.
  3. I want to rent a flat in Rome and live there for at least a year and write.
  4. I'd like to go crocodile hunting in Louisiana, or Alabama, or anywhere where there are crocs.
  5. A few countries I'd still like to see are: New Zealand, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway & Holland.
  6. I'd like to spend a night in a ghost town. Deliciously creepy.
  7. I'd like to spend a day with royalty. Just to see how it's done.
We'll see what I actually accomplish before I die . . . I'm not holding out for number 7 but if Queen Elizabeth is up for it, I do make a mean cup of tea.

What's on your bucket list?


Jaime Jo Wright
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  1. Love these! Though I must point out that you won't likely find crocs in the South. Only alligators. :) I'm with you on many of the others, though!!!

  2. Come to Alabama dear and I'll take you croc hunting.
    Quite a bucket list there. Mines a lot tamer than yours....well actually getting a couple of tickets to the Alabama/Auburn football game would be like your number 7!
    My bucket list includes seeing the northern lights, Macinaw Island, Niagra Falls and Hawaii.

  3. Awesome bucket list! I'd love to attend an Oklahoma Sooner game. I'd also like to visit Israel and New Zealand.

  4. How cool, Jaime. :) I love traveling too!!! I got to go on my dream trip to England with a stop in Paris last year. I'm moving to Northern England in my dreams, constantly. I'd love to go back someday. This year, I'm hoping to go to PEI, Canada. I'd also love to visit The Netherlands, Italy, and India. :) Anyway, I'd love to publish writing. I always wanted to live in the country and have a big family and I'm so blessed. :) I really wish I could learn Spanish better and learn French. :)


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