Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Book Club - The Dewey Decimators

Late last year, I joined book club spearheaded by friend and fellow history geek, Peter Leavell. He named the club The Dewey Decimators. :)

We're a totally online book club, meeting up only in a Facebook Group. The rules are simple:

1. Each month a new book is chosen.

2. Members read the book over the first two weeks of the month. You are free to post about your progress or tangential subjects or about the author, but no spoilers.

3. After the 15th of the month, the book discussion gets underway. Plot, characters, theme, motives, discoveries, disappointments, anything you want to say about the book is fair game.

4. Be nice. This one hasn't actually been said aloud, it's sort of assumed...and everyone is nice! But literature is subjective, and everyone has different opinions about the works we're reading.

So far, we've read and discussed these books:

We're currently making our way through

The books chosen have been challenging, especially the last two, The Chosen by Chaim Potok and Orwell's Animal Farm.

One of the reasons I am enjoying the book club is that it gives me a reason to read books I either haven't read in a long time (A Christmas Carol and Animal Farm) or that I have never read (A Wrinkle in Time and The Chosen.)

And the discussions! I love reading everyone's thoughts on the books. Some books lend themselves to more discussion, some less, but always informative, educational, and entertaining.

I have enjoyed borrowing the audio versions of some of these books from my local library, so I can listen to them while I cross stitch or sew or crochet.

Do you belong to a book club, either in person or online? What are you reading right now? (Even if you don't belong to a book club, I'd love to hear what you're reading.

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  1. I don't belong to a book club.
    Right now I'm reading Starting Over on Blackberry Lane by Sheila Roberts. She writes wonderful real life like stories with lots of great humor. Two of her books have been made into movies.


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