Monday, January 16, 2017

What's on Your Book Shelfie?

Shelfie (n.): a selfie of your book shelf; an app that catalogs your book shelf.

Anne here. The term shelfie was introduced to me this week by Beth Erin (thanks Beth!), but when I Googled it I found it's a commonly used term. Apparently it's also an app I'm going to have to check out!

So here's my shelfie for this winter's to-be-read pile:

I'm working through Mark Patterson's if while I'm walking on the treadmill in the morning. 
Laura Frantz's A Moonbow Night just came in the mail last week, and I made a trip to the local bookstore for Klaassen's The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill and Phillips's The Inheritance. 

I've read every single release from Frantz. This is my second read of Batterson's. I tend to read start to finish without many breaks when I read a Frantz novel. Whereas I like a slow digest over several weeks when I'm reading a nonfiction like Batterson. While I've never read Klassen novels, Phillips was second behind Jeanette Oke in forming my love of historical fiction in the 1980's when he edited George MacDonald's work for republishing. 

What about you? Do your shelves have strictly one genre, or a diverse variety? Do your shelves stretch to include new authors on a regular basis? And be honest: what percentage of your shelves hold books you've intended to read but haven't managed to crack the cover? Do you catalog them or organize them?

While searching "shelfie" I came across an app by the name:

It's designed for you to snap a selfie of your bookshelf and upload it to catalog your shelves. But apparently you can also use the app to order free e-copies of the books you've purchased, and interact with authors. What good are book purchases if they sit on your shelf unread because it's not accessible during times you might read them if they were on your phone or tablet? Have any of you tried this app, or a similar one? Do you use other apps for book-sharing or author connection?

What's on your shelfie?
Tell us if you'd use Shelfie for Christian authors!
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  1. My books are stacked according to when I buy or receive them. I try to read and review them in that order. I pin the book covers each year on Pinterest that I read so that I can keep up with them.

  2. My books are in tubs by genre. I did not know about the Shelfie app. I use Goodreads.

    1. I use Goodreads too. I'm due for a phone update since my phone memory is full I couldn't download this app for Shelfie. I'm going to play around with it when I get my new phone--I'll report back how it works! :)


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