Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Friday!

Erica here:

It is snowing fit to fill the Frenchy furrows here in Minnesota! What's the weather like where you are?

Gabe and I are deep in both the snow and in the promotion of our latest novella collection, Seven Brides for Seven Texans.

We are so excited about both the collection and readers' response to it.

Here are a couple of fun reviews from amazon and Goodreads:

This book was my introduction to all the authors listed on the cover. I have never read anything from these ladies. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new group of authors I sincerely enjoyed. Novellas can be a little tricky since there is such a short and finite time frame to complete a story; they can get boring and drag on because the author chooses to prolong one small moment in time or feel rushed without detail to characterization.

These seven novellas, however, were very well written. It amazed me how seven authors could come together to knit such a tightly woven story that spanned the lives of seven brothers, with a background storyline and character development in the men's father. The stories seamlessly flowed from one to the other and I could not put the book down. These seven brothers and their wives became near and dear to me as I lost sleep over two days trying to finish the book. The romance is sweet, the characters quite believable and real, the faith component of each storyline recognizable. Each brother and his wife are quite different from the other and easily distinguishable. I had no trouble remembering each of their personalities throughout the book and that attests to the skill of the authors since there are so many characters to keep track of, with seven main couples and a few other side characters thrown into the mix.
~ MH via amazon

Each author has their own style that is perfect for the brother they are writing about. I enjoyed each story and how it tied in to the previous one. Each one flowed into the other like ripples on the river. You will laugh and get teary eyed, cheer and say what were you thinking. Most important is the theme of faith that binds this family together in love. Thank you authors for such a well written, inspiring book. ~ 
Lucy via Goodreads

I thoroughly enjoyed this book about the seven Hart brothers set in 1874 Texas! All named after famous Texans, their unique personalities gave each story a distinct flavor of its own; from the charming Hays, the youngest brother and first to get married, to the oldest, steady responsible Austin. When they gathered together, they showed how a family can love and support each other, even with their differences. Each story built on the one before it, so the book flowed well and felt like a full length novel, complete with a satisfying wrap up at the end. Some action, danger, suspense and tender romances, plus a bit of faith, made this an outstanding set of novellas! ~ Karen via

The authors of Seven Brides for Seven Texans also have a group blog just for the collection at and if you hop over there, you can read character interviews, author inspirations, fun facts, and more.

We're holding a rafflecopter giveaway, too. A Kindle Fire Tablet loaded with 15 books by the various authors, including Seven Brides for Seven Texans! You can enter here or over on the 7 Brides blog!

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