Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why the World Cheered for the Cubs

I don't know about you, but I followed this World Series like none other. I stayed up late last night with my husband through the ups and the downs of Game 7 to cheer on the Cubs to victory. I clapped when they got the first run, I moaned when the Indians tied in the eight inning and I jumped so high after the final out, I jammed my finger into our basement ceiling.

Facebook was lit up last night with people rooting for the Cubs. Even self-proclaimed anti-sports fans. Every time I turned on the radio today, someone was talking about the Cubs' win. The one talk show I watched on televisions today was all about those Cubs.

So why did the world cheer for the Cubs? Why do we care so much? Here are a few reasons I think we rooted for them all the way.

1. Everyone loves to see the underdog win. Especially when they've been the underdog for over a century. Seriously, when I watched some of those 80 and 90 year old Cubs fans in interviews, I hoped and prayed all the harder, because not only are the Cubs players underdogs, so are their faithful fans.

2. Baseball is an American pastime. I don't know a single person who doesn't have a great memory of baseball from their youth. Even if it's not a Cubs memory, we all recall a time when we gathered with friends and family and went to a game, watched one on the television, or listened on the radio. It's as Americana as you can get. So when one of the most iconic teams in baseball was finally up for the World Series, we all cheered.

3. We needed a breath of fresh air. Despite our many differences, we are all Americans and we were ready to band together to see something good accomplished. Everyone is tired of this political season. We're tired of the divisive ads, the controversial issues and the lack of quality leadership in our nation. We're embarrassed and wish the world wasn't watching right now. We needed something to be proud of again. We needed something to remind us that yes, we are one nation, whether we can all get along or not.

4. We wanted to be a part of history. Good history. The kind we can look back fondly and say: "I remember that night like it was yesterday." There are moments in time when we don't realize how historic they are...but this was not one of those moments. Every person watching knew they were watching history in the making. How great is that?

I'm sure each person had their own reasons for watching the World Series last night, but I think it's safe to say we all wanted those Cubs to win (unless you live in Ohio...but even then, I think there were some Indians fan who nodded in deference to a team worthy of the World Champion title).

What about you? Did you watch the Cubs game last night? Why did you watch?

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  1. I watched! :) I have been a Cubs fan for about as long as I can remember. I have followed them through seasons where they lost 100+ games, and seasons where they won 100+ games. I cried when the Padres beat them in '84, and when Bartman touched the ball Alou should've caught. I was sad when Harry died, and Ron Santo, and "Let's Play Two" has special meaning. Wrigley is crammed with history and heartbreak and now with joy.

    1. I thought of you as I watched last night, Erica. So happy for all the Cubs fans today!!

  2. I've loved the Cubs since I was a little girl, my grandfather listened to them on the radio. I've lived in Chicagoland for almost 29 years. I may not bleed Cubbie blue but I am a fan. It was exciting to watch, it was heart stopping to watch and heart soaring at the end. It was the only thing on the local morning news shows today. My husband was laughing at me for gripping the arms of my chair and holding my breath.
    I was reminded of a time my grandfather turned the radio off during a game. He said he needed to ask the Lord for forgiveness. He was coveting a win for a baseball team and not concentrating on what the Lord may want for him. I was 6 or 7 at the time, it made an impact on how I view things. I think he would have been thrilled with this win though.

  3. I watched the entire game, even after the rain interruption. Two very well matched teams and down to the wire and then some. I love baseball -- tried and true Yankees fan -- and this was a game for the ages.


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