Monday, November 14, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Cold Weather Comfort Foods

The World Series and the Presidential elections are finally over. 
While the underdogs of the century and the unpredicted candidate took the victory, as Americans we can rejoice and pray for the coming days ahead. 

A few things are certain. 
The sun still rises. God is in His heaven.

....And on a lighter note, food is one thing that tends to unite us no matter our differences--no matter who your cheered or voted for.

Think about it. 

Coffee is practically a social club for coffee snobs. 
Canned Spam is a cheap memory we can laugh about, or groan over collectively.
But whether the foods you love are elitist specialties, or plain old family faves--everyone draws comfort from them on some level. 

Dinnertime awaits

Whether it's the sound of your mom banging on pots and pans in the kitchen when you are home for the holidays, or the sound of BBC on the radio morning news while your grandmother makes french toast over Christmas break. Maybe it's the smell of meatloaf and baked potatoes in the oven after church. Or perhaps it's the gathering around the kitchen table, the sound of your father saying grace, or your family singing a favorite hymn as a prayer. Or maybe you will throw a donation in the pass-it-on-jar at the coffee shop for that man on the street who needs a free one. 

Mom's garden mint tea...and oh if this table could talk...

Whatever it is--food has the power of uniting us.

All of us around one table.

Of course I'm not endorsing gluttony or food worship. But take time to celebrate the gatherings that unite and give us comfort as we look toward the holidays. When you pass the turkey to Uncle Charlie who rooted for the Indians, or Aunt Sue who voted for the opposite party--smile and pass them the butter too. Thank your family cook for their efforts. Let them know why it's meaningful or comforting. Create a special gathering for future memories this year. Pass on a favorite recipe. Try something new in effort to unite. Whether it's grits or collard greens or cornbread and beans, or turkey and dressing--let the days ahead be filled with good things.

Ted making Granny's cookie recipe with Emily, 2015

As I look toward Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, I'm thinking of my 
Top five favorite cold weather family foods:

1. Meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans, with homemade applesauce.

2. Mom's smothered Venison steak, homemade mashed potatoes, apple salad, sweet corn, and green beans.

3. Breakfast Blueberry coffee cake made with blueberries we picked from the marsh, served with     piping hot black coffee.

4. Baked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, and cranberry salad.

5. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with biscuits, apples, and smoked Gouda cheese.

Family dinners are special because they are a central part of family legacies. It's over the table and the mashed potatoes where life truths are spoken, where love is expressed, and where stories of wisdom and faith are passed on.

What foods are your favorites? 
What will you do to make an effort to unite around the table this year?
What stories of comfort and legacy will you pass on over the dinner table this year?
Blog post by Anne Love-
Writer of Historical Romance inspired by her family roots. 
Nurse Practitioner by day. 
Wife, mother, writer by night. 
Coffee drinker--any time.
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  1. Sadly I live to eat rather than the other way and it shows. My grandfather loved to eat and some of my favorite memories of him is watching him eat with such enjoyment and bless him, he was a diabetic. My family had to force me to eat growing up but somewhere along the way I started to love it. I hate to cook. The last three years my husband and I have taken the week of Thanksgiving to go camping since our grandkids are out of school and we aren't "babysitting". It's such a relaxing time for us and gives our kids a chance to eat with their in laws without feeling any guilt.


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