Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Scrapbook Pages

Erica Here:

Today is the aftermath...maybe. (I'm writing this early and I well remember the protests and 'hanging chads' of previous elections, so maybe we're not done yet, but I pray we are.)

But rather than talk about the election and the fall-out, I'm going to share something fun. :)

It's time for new scrapbook pages for my writing journey scrapbook!!! Yay!

It had been awhile since my daughter, Heather, and I had pulled out the paper and glue and stickers, so we had several pages to create. New releases, news, an award...squee! I love to share the new pages with you all here. And I love leafing through my scrapbook, remembering the journey God has brought me on through fiction writing.

So, without further ado, here are the SEVEN new pages we added this weekend:

1. This one is "News and Reviews." We used a 'newsprint' style paper, and included reviews from Publisher's Weekly (For My Heart Belongs in Fort Bliss, TX) and Romantic Times Book Reviews. (RT gave His Prairie Sweetheart 4.5 Stars and made it a TOP PICK!) This page also includes the press release from Barbour for their new My Heart Belongs series of titles, and in the lower right hand corner a small picture of cover model and actor Samy Osman, who modeled the hero on the cover of His Prairie Sweetheart.
News and Reviews. With stickers! :)

2. The 2016 Carol Awards! Green and white figured paper, the program from that night and a photo of all the Carol Award Winners from that night. I also included a photo of my agent and one of my editor, as well as a little note Barbour Publishing wrote about the novella category sweep. :)

Photos and the program from the dinner. 

Three pins hold the program in place. Two silver for
finals and one gold for winning!

A photo I took at the gala table of my brand
new Carol Award. And the listing of the three
novellas that finaled. (* by the winner.)
 3. The Bounty Hunter's Baby, which releases in February of 2017. We had so much fun cutting 'clothes' out of scraps of fabric, and hanging them on the little clothesline. My heroine in this story is a laundress, and she has a goat who loves to chew on the heroes shirts hanging on the line. :) We used a vintage print paper, floral embellishments, and a sticker of my 'bad guy' in the story. Simple overall, but the fun is in the textures and details of the clothesline, including the blue baby gown and a couple of 'diapers.'
I love the cover of this one. That baby is sooooooo
adorable, I just want to snatch him up and
cover him with kisses!

The very naughty Daisylu chewing on Thomas's shirt!
 4-5. Okay, so this next one was so epic, it needed a two-page spread. On the left hand page, we have the cover of the 7 Brides for 7 Texans collection (releasing in just over 3 weeks!!!!!) We also have a photograph of El Regalo, the Hart family home, as well as a 7 in a Heart, which is the ranch brand, and two hearts at the top with GW and Victoria's names, the patriarch and his late wife. We used a green paper with a pink rose to pick up the pink in the cover as well as the pink hearts, and the gold metallic scroll work matches the gold foil hearts.

I am SO ready for this one to get out into the world!!!

The right hand page has all the names of the heroines and heroes of this collection along with the photographs that the authors used as their inspirations. The characters are listed oldest to youngest, though they don't appear in the book in that order. (FYI, we've got some amazing things coming up to celebrate this release, so stay tuned!) We used a tan paper that also picks up some of the colors of the book cover, as well as a few Texas-themed stickers.

Heather designed this page, and I just LOVE it!!! It makes
me want to re-read all the stories!

There's a little bonus on this page just for Gabrielle Meyer,
and a little hint of a surprise in the book!

A closeup of the guys' side.
I drew an eye-patch on
Bowie. :) 

The lovely Hart ladies. They're
each so perfect for their Hart man!

6. An updated agent page. When I first signed with Rachelle Gardner, she was working for WordServe Literary. Now she is an agent with Books & Such Literary Management, and I wanted to create a page to represent that change. Using a 'book stack' paper, we included a photo of Rachelle, the company logo, a photo of all the agents from B&S Literary, and a hand-written note Rachelle sent me.

7. Of Rags and Riches novella collection (This is the one that all four of the CC&C girls are in together!!!) My novella is called Win, Place, or Show, and it's set against the background of the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden. The hero and heroine are from different social spheres, and they must decide if they are willing to  risk losing everything to be together. We used a tan paper covered in lace flowers, and I love the polka-dot square to show off the title of my novella. Edwardian and horse-themed stickers, and a romantic quote complete the page.

This collection releases next summer!

 So there you have it. Seven new pages for the scrapbook. The exciting news is that I will need a couple more in the near future, as I have a couple new novella collections in the works, as well as some other projects brewing.

Are you a scrapbooker? Which of these pages are your favorites? Which of these releases are you most looking forward to reading?

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  1. I used to scrapbook a lot! Just in a different season of life with home educating children right now. This a great idea! I have a travel journal that I did some work on, but I have lots of stubs and bits and pieces still to put and a lot of writing to add to it!

    1. I understand seasons of life. Now that I'm done homeschooling, I have so much more time to devote to personal interests...but the homeschooling was totally worth it!!!

  2. I enjoy scrapbooking, but it's relegated to smaller time slots and special projects now. I wrote a history for my church last year and as our congregational historian I'm keeping a scrapbook documenting ongoing special events. I love what you do to record your writing achievements.

    1. Blogger ate my comment three times! ARGH!

      What a treasure for your church and future generations of parishioners! And I love the title congregational historian! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing these scrapbook pages with us,Erica! The Bounty Hunter's Baby is my favorite and the release I'm most looking forward to.

    1. Yay! I hope you love baby Johnny and Thomas and Esther...and that very naughty Daisylu! :)

  4. Erica, I used to sell Creative Memories for years. I was a huge scrapper! I made it to my goal to scrap the kids's stuff through high school graduation, but I've let go of that chapter almost. Just no time. I had so much fun passing on some of my stuff last week to my daughter in law to work on her stuff. I loved your heroine/hero page!

    1. How fun! I know scrapbooking isn't as popular as it once was, but I sure love leafing through my writing journey book, remembering and rejoicing. Your DIL is blessed by your generosity!

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