Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Top 10 "I'm Thankful for the Little Things" Post

I'm thankful for the little things in life. The little things that make me smile, remind me of my ridiculously high amount of blessings, and teach me everyday is worth breathing in deep and sending a smile of gratitude toward Heaven.

I'm thankful for Arthur Conan Doyle and my "works of" copy to teach me mystery and mayhem

I'm thankful for my local Starbucks that knows me by name and makes pretty great coffee

I'm thankful for candles my sister makes and sends me to remind me that she loves me

I'm thankful for the Goodwill piece of pottery my mom bought when I was in elementary school that now sits in my home 

I'm thankful for my Gramma's jewelry box in which she kept all her rings and now I shall keep mine

I'm thankful for family legacy and that my namesake (bottom right) went to Sunday School with her girlfriends and passed her faith to my Grandfather

I'm thankful for lipstick, for without it, I would look dead

I'm thankful for Hawthorne, my coffee pot

I'm thankful for pecan pie because we all know that truly IS the pie of Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for double rainbows that are God's exclamation point on His promises

I'm thankful for sunsets, because they bring the coziness of Home.

What little things are you thankful for this season?


  1. Oh, Jaime - the little things are just the best, aren't they?? And yes, pecan pie (along with pumpkin) truly is the pie of Thanksgiving and the one I'll be making for our family get-together Thursday. Your grandmother's jewelry box brings wonderful memories of my own grandmother and thoughts of some of her cherished possessions I now own. I have a wonderful collection of wonderfully scented candles and a collection of beautiful lights - one of my fave things. Of course, it goes without saying books are among the top items on my thankful list. We're blessed, aren't we??

  2. I want you at my family Thanksgiving so bad! if your pies are as fabulous as your cookies :) :) :) then it'd be amazing. Plus the pies would come with YOU! :) <3

  3. Fuzzy socks, treadmill that still runs after I fixed it twice, Ted who canned stew meet for winter last night. ❤️☕️🤓

  4. Camping with my family, warm cup of coffee, books to read, soft breeze through the trees, plenty of yarn, hearing, seeing, bread-all kinds and chocolate!


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