Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Artists

Erica Here:

I love beautiful art. Art that doesn't need to be explained to me. If it takes a docent to tell me why something is art, I pass.

But I do love beautiful paintings and sculptures of moments in time, of emotions, of real life, that speak to me. I love color and the use of light in paintings. I love art that is accessible. And I love when I discover a new artist to whose work I can relate, so I thought I would share some of my favorite artists with you today.

I am a fan of the work of Charles Burton Barber:

This one is entitled "A Special Pleader." A copy of this
print hangs in my living room.

This one is entitled "Monster" and I love the make
believe and the cat trying to escape. :)
I love the work of Terry Redlin.

This one is called "Almost Home." I love the light
coming through the trees, and the little girls on the creek bank.

"God Shed His Grace on Thee" is a favorite as well. The detail
of the town in the background and the warmth of the light
coming through the church windows...and the mix of cars and
wagons and buggies. So cool.
I love sculptures full of action and passion, like this one from James Muir:

This one is called "Saving the Flag." My husband took
a photo of this in the museum, but this angle shows the
movement and the dire situation so well.
Who are some of your favorite artists? What makes their work appealing to you? 

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  1. My all time favorite is Norman Rockwell. He captured the American theme and people like no other.
    My favorite paintings are of ocean and beach scenes. They just relax me somehow. Turn a fan on, play ocean waves with sea gulls and I can almost believe I'm there.
    I'm with you on the "don't give me a painting I can't understand".

    1. I LOVE Norman Rockwell! His paintings make me nostalgic for a time I never even lived in!

      If you get a chance, the Marine Art Museum in Winona, MN is full of paintings of beaches and oceans and's amazing!

  2. Monet, Jean-Francois Millet, Vincent Van Gogh, the Wyeths, Mary Cassatt, Carl Larsson, Renoir and more. These all just inspire me and speak to me...some of the Impressionists are my favorites! Some of those tell of everyday life like Cassat and Larsson and Millet...just identify with them and they help me see beauty in the mundane. Jessie Wilcox Smith, Tasha Tudor, Grandma Moses, and others, many illustrators, are whimsical and I am so overwhelmed by their charming and sometimes hard work.

    1. Love your classic artist list! Beauty in the mundane is a wonderful way to put it.

  3. Thanks for this post Erica! I love the picture in your post called A Special Pleader! As for favorite artist or art I like Norman Rockwell and pictures dealing with kids and animals. I'm definitely not an art critic,just love art that gives me a warm happy feeling or just captures my attention,Is that silly? :)

    1. Not silly at all! Art is supposed to make you feel something! I too love art with children and animals. :)


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