Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Living In Real Life: How to Control Social Media, Instead of Letting It Control You

Jaime here! Anne's post yesterday on the Hashtag World was so poignant. And, today, my dahling coffee conspirator, sockaholic, and super de duper cool buddy, Katelyn S. Bolds has a few words for you, our readers. She's a marketing rep extraordinaire and while immersed in the world of making YOU hear about the GREAT new books coming from Gilead Publishing, she's also maintaining that precarious world of balance ... and rescuing me from blog posting when I'm groggy from mass amounts of cold medication. So Katelyn ... it's all yours!


Social media doesn’t come naturally for anyone. Even the amazing Jaime Jo, who seems completely at home on Facebook Live, or my writing pal and best buddy, Nichole Parks, who has Pinterest power down to an art form.
Part of my job at Gilead Publishing is advising authors on how to balance social media IRL (In Real Life). From what I’ve seen most authors are either on social media TOO often, or claim they never have time for it.
Being present and living in the moment is hard in a world with devices that are ever buzzing and beeping. It can be easier to shut it all out. But writers need a social media presence and online platform. We need to do social media. Have our cake and eat it too, you know?
Somehow there should be a way to live life, write about life and share life on social media without us all going crazy. But then there’s my husband glaring at me from across the dinner table when I excitedly announce I gained another Twitter follower.
Yep. Okay, hon. I’ll put down the phone.
Part of balancing life and social media is just having the right mindset. Social media is a tool that I use. I am not a slave to it.


   My Klout score is not life or death.
   My likes do not reflect how much God loves me.
   My followers do not dictate my self-worth (I have to remind myself of that one far too often).
In fact, for the last few months, I have steadily gained followers on Pinterest just to lose them over and over again. I can’t tell you how frustrating this is, but I know I don’t need to, because everyone is frustrated at some aspect of social media now and then. I have attended seminars and I know what works on Pinterest, but for some reason, I just haven’t found my tribe yet. (End side rant) But the important thing, is working on my Pinterest for five minutes a day, and then setting it aside and moving on with life.
Because without real life, there is nothing to talk about on social media.
No projects to pin. No pictures to snap. No memes to tweet.
Nichole and myself dedicate time each week to write down goals for our social media: How often we will post, how much time we will put in, how many followers we hope to gain. We each have a Post-it note taped to our computer to remind us when to Post IT.
The best way to balance life with social media is to make it real life. Find a buddy to help keep you on track.

If you follow me on anything, follow my lead in scheduling my social media around my life instead of my life around social media. If you still feel overwhelmed, I would love to help. You can find me at Marketing15.


Katelyn S. Bolds balances work as Web Editor, Author Services Extraordinaire, and freelance writer. She is married to coffee; also her husband. At times this DIY life might get a little crazy, but she takes it one day at a time. A little yoga, a lot of organization, and a holistic approach make for a Bold Life. Connect with her on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


  1. Great Reminder Katelyn. I've never joined Twitter and don't plan to do so. I never would have joined Facebook but my husband was playing some video game and wanted to use my name so he signed me up. Unfortunately now I'm addicted. My biggest problem with electronics is my emails. I get at least 150 everyday.

  2. Thanks Gail! There's a simple way to turn off email notifications from Facebook. I would be happy to walk you through that if you need help!

  3. Sometimes I'm great about scheduling posts, but MOST of the time I'm not! 😢

    1. That's the thing about scheduling. Get it all out of the way at once. ;)

  4. Amen squared! And I must learn the secret of Pinterest someday. But IRL, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a website are all I can handle and still write!

    1. Just use Pinterest instead of Google and pin the things that you like! :) That's how I got started with it.


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