Tuesday, July 5, 2016

You Asked, I Answered

A few weeks ago, you all asked me some questions you'd like to know. LOL! Boy, was that fun. Some of you had some creative questions. So, interested or not, here's my answers:

What author/book would you recommend for someone that is currently away from the Lord? 

Hmmmm... that is a great question! I think so much of it depends on the person only because people will drift away from Jesus for different reasons and in different ways. There is always the go-to Francine Rivers book, Redeeming Love. But, honestly, that isn't going to reach everyone. Sometimes, I honestly believe that just offering them different inspirational fiction can softly send messages without being preachy. But then, there's those who don't identify with fiction too. Some solid C.S. Lewis is always a good choice, or Wayne Grudem, if they're struggling with the apologetic side of faith. So, I think a lot of books would need to be tailored to what that individual is open to. Does that make sense?

If you could pick any baby animal in the world to be your house pet, what would you pick? Pretending that every baby animal has no life-threatening qualities to it. ;) 

That's a toss! Do I have to pick one? I've ALWAYS wanted a lion cub. I was made to be a cat lover, and they're the king of cats. But, I also love elephants. I mean, I live in a circus town so it's only natural. Besides, elephants are so lovable and fun-loving. 

Do you think you could live anywhere else, not in the USA? Where would you pick to live?

Hands down, Rome. It is my heart. I love that city. The time I spent there was brief but it made an indelible print on my soul. It personifies my personality. The culture, the coffee, the art, the passion, and even the flat I stayed in . . . sigh. I want to retire to sit on a piazza with my espresso and dream. 

Do you ever not want to write? Did you ever have writers block?

Totally. Some days or weeks I'm just not in the mood. This doesn't mean I lose the passion to write, but usually means I need refreshment of another sort. Writer's block isn't something I've had. I always have something to write. I may get "stuck" on a chapter, but I can switch to a different story and reignite my imagination for that evening. 

As you were writing The Cowgirl's Lasso, did your characters challenge or surprise you in any way?

Challenge, not really. The characters were all modeled after people I knew, (lol) so it was rather easy to draw out their characteristics. They surprised me, for sure. They always do. For one, (SPOILER ALERT), Charlie actually died in the original draft. But then he argued with me, and saved his own life. And, CJ wasn't really going to have a real weakness, because I wanted to write a strong woman who loved Jonah because she chose to, not because she needed to. But then that tarantula came along and yeah . . . 

What is your favorite board or card game to play?

Well, currently I play a LOT of Go Fish and Old Maid. But I've always been a huge fan of Clue (shocking) and Monopoly. I also love Risk although I can't find anyone willing to play it with me, and I married a man who has no desire to play a board game for hours. :) 

As a writer, do you use Goodreads or Amazon or anywhere besides this blog to review books that YOU read?

Absolutely! Reviews for authors are HUGE and while blogs certainly help spread the word, reviews on other sites help the book climb in the rankings and get more exposure! I'm big on reviewing books at Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and also linking them to Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know of any sites where I can get books for a reasonable price?

This depends on what a reasonable price is for you, although I will say, watching Amazon like a hawk can often garner you some good deals on paperback copies. You can also watch eBay, or browse Amazon's used books. Hit public library book sales and often they'll be clearing out older inspirational novels too. 

FUN STUFF!! Thanks for all the questions. Now! Pick one of the questions above and leave me YOUR answer!


Professional coffee drinker and best-selling author, Jaime Jo Wright, resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing spirited and gritty turn-of- the-century romance stained with suspense. Her day job finds her working as a Director of Sales & Associate Relations. She’s wife to a rock climbing, bow-hunting Pre-K teacher, mom to a coffee-drinking little girl and a little boy she fondly refers to as her mischievous “Peter Pan.” Jaime completes her persona by being an admitted social media junkie and a coffee snob. She is a member of ACFW, has seen her work on both the ECPA and Publisher’s Weekly top ten best-sellers list for inspirational fiction, and has the best writing sisters ever!
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  1. These were great questions! Jaime, thank you for taking the time to answer them. I grew up in a family that didn't play games of any kind. So I enjoy playing Sequence and other games with friends.

  2. SEQUENCE! I love that game too!!!


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