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When Your Book Leaves Home - #CaliforniaGoldRush @BarbourBuzz

Have you ever created something? Crafted it with your hands? Maybe it's a painting. My mom is a painter. She creates beautiful landscapes ... and she hates everyone. Poor thing, I have my home decorated in them and when she donated one to a local fundraising auction, my Dad went and bought it back. Or maybe you molded a piece of pottery. To the naked eye--or the observer--it's beauty. But as the potter, you see every crooked slant, slouch of the rim, or imperfection.

This is what it feels like as an author watching your book leave the home.

Something in me drives me to write, and when Cap'n Hook (my pirate-ish man) asks me why I have to be published, I'm not entirely sure. Just that it's a hunger inside to run my finger over the words that festered inside of me so long and finally made their way onto paper.
But now, I have exposed myself. My mind, my imagination, my attempt at history, romance, wit, heartbreak, and sometimes, even suspense. It lays before the reader to either connect and fall in love with it, or find those cracks that make it worthy of a coaster for a sweating glass of ice water. 

Believe me, I read every review readers leave. I'm not afraid of criticism, and probably, I'm a bit abnormal in that I don't get upset or weepy when there is a scathing review. I can filter through the critical nature, take what is valid and file away what may be reader preference. 

Still, I didn't realize story #2 would be more difficult that story #1. Because now? Story #2 has to measure up to expectations. You see, readers had no expectations of Jaime Jo Wright's story in February of 2016. Now, in July of 2016, I'm receiving messages of "I can't wait!", "Want to dive in!", "eeek! your book has shipped!". EEK is right! What if Gold Haven Heiress doesn't resonate like The Cowgirl's Lasso did? What if readers are wanting the same spitfire of a heroine and instead meet my more timid, tainted and defeated heroine of this novella? The Cowboy's Bride Collection hit bestseller's lists. That's a heck of a way to start a writing career (and I credit 98% of it to the other authors I shared a cover with). But what if The California Gold Rush Romance Collection barely
sells? What then?

Watching your book leave home sends questions through my mind. But, then I pause, and I shrug. My editor believed in me. My agent believes in me. I believe in my story. Some will like it, some won't. That's just how art is. Which is why art is a place I love to dwell, Each recipient will take something different from it, and really, my story never leaves home. It's still in my soul, like your creation lives in you.

It is a piece of who you are, and that is why art, leaves us vulnerable, cautious, yet still makes us smile.

What is your latest creation? I posted last night on Facebook that people who knit and crochet completely astound me!! Share your artistic talent here!

(Note: Anne will be back next week with a post! She's been super preoccupied with travels, weddings, work, and the like, so I'm filling in for her this week)


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  1. Have no fear - Gold Haven Heiress WILL resonate and will be wonderful!! Variety is the "spice of life" - I expect the unexpected from you and love it, lol!!

    Guess my latest creation would have to be CFRR, although it's really God's creation with the help of my 2 co-horts, Annie and Carrie!! I've never been a person who could do needlework of any kind - however, used to do crafts, especially relating to home décor. I also enjoy trying new recipes/baking, singing, playing the piano, and landscape photography.

    1. Awwww you're ever the encourager!!!!! And I'm so glad you're seeing your creation come true!

  2. I can't imagine writing a book! You have a gift with words.
    I did not inherit the creative gene. My grandmother sewed and crocheted everything from blankets to doilies. My mom can cut/style hair and play the piano by ear. My sister can decorate houses and craft. My daughter is an artist. The one thing I used to do creatively was photograph flowers, I even sold a few prints. My disability has kept me from doing that for the past few years. I mostly devour books and sappy movies now.

    1. Photography is a talent in itself!!!! And devouring books and sappy movies is an underestimated talent :)

  3. Aww, I hear ya on the anxiousness of story #2. Trust in yourself. Just keep on writing more! As for talents *sigh* I don't have any. LOL. My mother-in-law knits, quilts and bakes like a boss. My mother bakes, cooks, sews and draws like a queen. My grandmother painted like Bob Ross. Me? Nope, nada, nothing. I've tried knitting, sewing, baking, cooking and much more, and failed at all of it. I must have received a few DNA of art talent as I can draw fairly well, but only pencil, no painting talent at all. A friend, who I was laughingly complaining to about this lack of any talent, said I have a special gift for raising my kids. So that is what I claim. :)

    1. Hey!!! Don't discount raising children as a talent. I'm horrible at it!!! Lolol but I sure love them

  4. Can't wait to read your newest. I know it will be great. I've never been good with words but I do love to crochet. I'm not great with it but I can at least create reasonably decent afghans.

    1. Yes! I can attest to your crocheting abilities!!!!

  5. Jaime, I am in AWE of your stories! You are so TALENTED!

    I do enjoy encouraging others.


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