Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book Winner!! And Summer Camp

Last week we celebrated Erica's spectacular announcement (a three-time finalist for a Carol Award in the novella category). The ladies of Coffee Cups & Camisoles are so proud of her!! She's been in several novella collections and she's a rock star writer. This December she's the lead author in Seven Brides for Seven Texans, a novella collection with seven authors that each feature a different brother from the Hart family. I can't wait for you to meet Erica's hero Bowie. :) He's one of my favorite Hart brothers.

To celebrate, I offered two novella collections (that Erica and I are in together) to one commenter. And the winner from last week is Susan P! Susan, please leave me a message at my Author Facebook Page ( with your postal address and I'll get those books sent right away.

In other news, my first child went to Bible Camp this week! I dropped her off yesterday with three other friends. It was her first night away from home without a family member. I won't get a chance to talk to her until Saturday afternoon, so my thoughts and prayers are with her. I'm sure she'll have a blast!

I never went to camp as a child, so this is a brand new experience for our family. My oldest will go in a couple weeks. I have a feeling camp will be a huge part of our lives in the coming years. Living in the heart of Minnesota's lake country, we have dozens of camps in a hundred mile radius of us. Our church is affiliated with one, but I know of several others that friends and family attend and work at.

I'd love to know, did you go to camp? Did you work at one? What is your favorite memory from camp?

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  1. Oh thank you!!! I'll message you. :)
    I have never left any of my kids at camp yet, but I'm afraid I'd be the mom crying at them to not go. LOL. I'm sure she'll have a fabulous time!

  2. I went to camp many times while growing up. I loved finding a quiet place outside to have a quiet time, because I always felt closer to God outside. Also, one time the man who made Duncan yo-yos came and talked to us. We were able to each buy one. My kids have gone to camp every year once they got to a certain age. I was excited for them to go, enjoyed a little quieter time at home with the ones who didn't go, but really missed the campers! But they had such great stories to tell us when they came home.

  3. This is K and Ry's 3rd year heading to Summer camp. They love it! I am sure your kids will too! I went a couple of years to a few different camps as a child. I still think fondly of the songs and bonfires, ghost stories, etc

  4. Thanks so much for celebrating with me, Gabe. I WISH I had been able to spill the beans when we were together!

    Congrats to Susan P!

    And yay for Kid #2 going to camp! She's going to have the BEST time!

    As for me: Yep, I went to camp. To attend our camp, you had to memorize and quote 200 Bible verses, and each year after that complete 10 Bible study correspondence lessons (one month each.) I was later a counselor at this camp. I loved it! :)

  5. I never got to go to any camp until I was a teenager in youth group. Fun memories!
    Congratulations to Susan!


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