Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Girls' Day Out!

Erica Here:

Happy Wednesday! This summer is going by Way. Too. Fast! In an effort to cram in as much fun as possible, yesterday my daughter, Heather, and I struck out in a new direction. We headed to Goodhue County and the town of Red Wing, MN.

You might've heard of Red Wing before. They are famous for Red Wing Pottery and Red Wing Shoes.

We were there to visit the Goodhue County Historical Society Museum and to prowl around this old river town.

The stake said "Locate" so she did. There it is! :D

Norwegian cradle. Isn't it adorable? I just want to line it with soft
quilts and rock a baby in it!

Bisque-headed dolls. I thought it curious that the older
the doll, the more likely it was to be an 'adult' version. Baby
dolls and child dolls were much newer.

Tiny little girl's sewing machine. It even
had an instruction manual and a little
coat that someone had sewn with it.

I love old typewriters!

My pre-school teacher daughter with pre-
school sized desks from the Wacouta
School in Goodhue County, MN.

We visited the Red Wing Shoe Company
Museum, where Heather posed with
the World's Largest Work Boot. 

We stopped in Zumbrota, MN and walked across the
only covered bridge in MN. It was disconcerting to be able
to see the river rushing along below the bridge through
the floor boards! Eeek!
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  1. ERICA, these photos are awesome! Glad you had a wonderful time making fun memories!

    1. Hey, Caryl! Thanks so much. We always have a blast together on our adventures. Heather's a great adventure buddy!

  2. Loved these pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    We had a fun trip to Key West and Brunswick Georgia.


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