Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stagecoach Days

Erica Here:

Okay, so last week I completely spaced off my blog post. I was on deadline, and blog post day was the day my manuscript was due. I was writing like my hair was on fire!!!

And I was also prepping for a retreat hosted by Gabrielle Meyer in her hometown of Little Falls. (I am sure she will have more on that tomorrow.) We had a great time, and I'm already looking forward to going again next year, hopefully!

I do apologize for missing my turn on the blog last week though.

In other news, this weekend I will be at the Dodge County Historical Society Museum for Mantorville, MN's Stagecoach Days. June 25th from 11-3, I'll be signing books and talking about Red Cross Signature Quilts.

For more info about this year's program, check out their facebook page. 

What festivals or celebrations are held where you live?

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  1. We have a Chicken Fest / Mule Day in Gordo, Alabama every year!

    1. Chicken Fest and Mule Day? I am intrigued. Tell me more!

  2. It starts with a big parade. Carts being pulled by mules, all decorated, all sorts of tractors too, antique and new. Mayberry characters show up including the police car. Food venders, crafts for sale all up and down the street, bands playing at different times. Donna Douglas ( Elly Mae Clampet ) even showed up one year. It's really a big deal for a small town that has only one red light! My husband grew up there. About 20 miles from Tuscaloosa where we live.


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