Wednesday, June 8, 2016

One Line Workshops

Erica here:

I recently taught a workshop at the WordSowers Christian Writer's Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. While I was there, I got to attend workshops taught by Mary Connealy and Cheryl St. John. (I know, right???)

I was reminded again of all the wisdom and craft and ability my writing buddies possess, and I wondered how could I distill that knowledge into bite-sized pieces so I could remember them and draw upon them when I needed to?

So, I asked. I asked writer friends to give me one of their favorite pieces of writing advice in one (or two) lines. And they graciously responded! (Writers are generous people!)

These are strictly in the order in which they came in as a response to my call, no rhyme or reason or order. Read through them several times, and each time you will glean something new!

Teach me, Lord, to write what You will bless. Davilynn Spencer.

Follow the rules until you know that you're breaking them. Katie Ganshert

When you sit down to write a first draft, banish the Doubt Dragon, muzzle your Internal Editor and enjoy the process of creating a story. Keli Gwyn

Pick apart the books written by the writers you love, who write in the sub-genre you want to sell! – Tina Radcliffe

"Listen to those who know more than you do." Lynette Eason

“Finish the book, then write another one.” Deb Kastner.

It takes years to be a surgeon, a pianist a school teacher, writing is no different. Study, work hard, practice, learn. Mary Connealy

The villain always thinks he's the hero in his own mind. Tara Johnson

In order for your writing to stir up emotion in the reader, it first has to stir up emotion in you. Sarah Forgrave

Put earbuds in at the gym...but covertly spy on the people on the treadmills next to you. Becky Sillick Jones

Finish what you sta__ (Okay, really "Write every day even if you think it's bad. Then next day it's easier to edit bad stuff than start cold.") Marianne Hering

Don't expect "normal" people to understand what you do--they can't; only another author can understand. Dorothy Clark

"Don't compare yourself to others. It will drive you nuts." Lenora Worth :)

You have to learn how YOU write, and the only way to do that is to write, constantly and continually, take whatever criticism comes your way, reject or accept and apply it as best you can, and write some more. Arlene James

(Bonus tip from Arlene:) It's as important to know what you instinctively do well as it is to know what you are missing: You can learn what you are missing; what you instinctively do well determines who you are as a writer. Arlene James

When you don't feel like writing, do it, and the feeling will follow. LeAnn Harris

Stay vulnerable. Bill Giovannetti

Make perseverance your catch word Ann H Gabhart

Don't take yourself too seriously, you haven't perfected anything, so welcome constructive criticism. And drink coffee. Jaime Jo Wright

Imagine, dream, laugh, cry, pray, and use the Oxford comma. Anne Love

The hero/heroine need to have a clear goal for every scene, and the reader needs to know what's at stake if it isn't accomplished.  Gabrielle Meyer

A big thank you to all my writer buddies who passed along their gems of wisdom. You gals (and Bill) rock! :D )

Do you have a one-line piece of advice you'd like to share? I'd love to learn from YOU!

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  1. Interesting to read even though I'm certainly not a writer. Loved Jaime's last word: Drink Coffee. You go girl!!

    1. :) You knew she'd slip that in there somewhere!

  2. Replies
    1. What's your one line of advice, Geo?

  3. Great one-liners. :) I especially like the spying one. I do that all the time!

    1. :) I will admit, I love to people watch at the coffee shop!

  4. Arlene James's bonus really blessed me. Thanks!


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