Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Signs Your Baby Has Grown Up

The one thing that I love about summertime is having my kiddos all to myself. Well, fine. My daughter CoCo has only had one year of school through which I could moan about having to share her with others, but still . . . I'm enjoying this summer because she's home.

But now that she's home, I'm noticing something . . . my baby has grown up. Oh, she's not 18 and she's certainly not striking out on her own, but look at that pic! LOOK AT IT!?! My little graduate, from Kindergarten, sure, but still. Cap. Gown. I remember: Diaper. Bottle. My mom said to hold my breath 'cause the moments go fast. She wasn't kidding. I know when she is 18, I'll return to this post and scorn my amazement at how she's "grown up", but for now, this is what I know.

Ten Signs Your Baby Has Grown Up

  1. They can read. This is that moment you change the notifications on your cell phone so they don't flash on the lock screen. No need for my ever-ready-reading daughter to announce to the whole room those private, albeit most likely harmless texts that I'd rather just keep private. 
  2. They start asking what particular concepts mean. "Mommy, what is a four-letter word?", "Mommy, how come so-and-so's mommy and daddy don't live together?", and "Mommy, how come you have a tummy ache every month?"
  3. They can get their own dinner. She can heat up a tortilla and fill it with taco meat leftovers and have her dinner and her brother's made before I sit down.
  4. They ask you to make coffee. Case in point, this Saturday I decided to skip coffee (don't ask). The conversation when sort of like: "Momma? Aren't you going to make coffee?", Me: "No" Her: "Well, I need some. Can you brew it please?" Me: "Uh....sure?"
  5. They tell you they're ready to date. We had THE conversation about dating and I hastily explained she needed to wait for several years yet. Which incurred the onslaught of impending tears until she clarified she meant she wanted a playdate not a date with "Hayden". OH! Yeah. We can do playdates at 6 years old, and sure, "Aria" can come too. But still, she's growing up. She didn't have friends over when she was 2.
  6. They can go pee on their own -- in the middle of the flipping night! 'Nuf said.
  7. They know they can do chores and frankly refuse with much teenage-angst in a Kindergartner's body.
  8. They freely handover their dress-up Princess clothes because "I'm pretty much done with dress-up now." *sob
  9. They can tuck their brother in bed. Sorta weird for me, but sometimes she likes to play "momma".
  10. And the worst? She's not going to marry Daddy anymore. She doesn't know who she's going to marry, and sweet thang isn't even sure she's going to get married, but she knows, if she does, it won't be Daddy. But she was sure to clarify "I'll visit him when he's old in the nursing home. Don't worry, Momma." K. Thanks, honey.
Anne watched her baby get married this last weekend. I'm sure she has an entirely different list of top 10 signs her baby has grown up. I believe as mothers, we have a new Top 10 every year. 

But there's a few  Top 10's that I failed to mention, that I believe, as mothers, we don't grieve but rather, cheer.
  1. They embrace their faith as their own.
  2. They develop their own independence.
  3. They develop their own self-confidence.
  4. They know their foundation.
  5. They garner their strength from the Lord and not from others.
  6. They dream giant dreams and believe with God, anything is possible.
  7. They learn that caution is good, but fear is disabling, and they learn to charge through it.
  8. They begin the life-long journey to conquer self-control, kindness, love, and the other fruits of the spirit.
  9. They cease to notice differences like color, disability, and education and instead see inside to the valuable soul.
  10. They choose to believe in a Savior and follow Him regardless of the cost.
This Top 10 may come through various times of their life. But it is these that make me sit back and perhaps like Mary did, ponder all of these things in my heart. This is when I see that my baby is growing up. And, it is good. 


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  1. I now get to have wonderful conversations with my two grandchildren. Aisley also graduated kindergarten this year. She asked me yesterday "MeMe why do we need money? I got to share with her about work and why we work. God requires it because of sin. Got to go through the whole Adam and Eve story and why they were cast out of the Garden of Eden. She knew some of it from listening at church. And I got to share about why Jesus came and how he died to cover our sin. Hopefully these things will sink in to her little heart and I'll get to add on to it from time to time.

    1. What a wonderful legacy you're creating!!!


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