Thursday, May 19, 2016

CC&C Ladies on Pinterest

On Monday, Anne shared a little bit about our Goodreads accounts, so I thought it might be fun to share our Pinterest accounts, too.

It was fun looking through all the Pinterest boards each of us have created. Anne has the most pins at over 23,000! Jaime comes in second at almost 6,000 pins, I have over 3,300 and Erica has just under 2,000.

We all have several similar boards, such as books we've read or recommend, historical clothing, settings, food, etc. But there are other boards that are unique to each of us. Maybe you'll get a glimpse of our personalities by some of my favorites below.

Anne's account includes:

 Love Letters
Anne with an "e"

Old Homesteads

Super Good Looking Dead People

Villains :D
Here are some of Erica's Boards:
Chuck wagons

Well, hello there!

Flour Sack Fabrics
And, last but not least, here are some of my Pinterest boards (I'm pretty sure I'm the most boring Pinterest user among this group):
Corsets & Underwear
Little Falls - Historic Photos
Your Turn! Do any of our boards surprise you? What are some of your favorite Pinterest Boards? What do you use Pinterest for? Recipes, planning vacations, research?
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  1. BABY TOES!!!

    I do a lot of research via Pinterest, be it for food, essential oils, or writing things. I love love love Pinterest, but real life gets in the way of hanging out there too much.

    1. I love baby toes! Those are my twin boys at about two months old. Now (at age 6), those toes are always dirty and never in one place for long! :) I love Pinterest, too, but I only use it for research purposes and to keep all my links in one place.

  2. This made me lol for real!! I love seeing our personalities come out in these boards! :) Such a fun post, G!

    1. I laughed as I went through all the boards and found the ones that represented our personalities the best. I seriously am the most boring Pinterest user! You're hilarious! It was hard for me to narrow yours down to just three!

  3. I mainly use Pinterest for free crochet patterns, not that I'll ever do most of them but they are fun to collect. I also have a board each year but I put the covers of the books I've read and reviewed.


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