Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Animals in Books

Erica here:

I grew up with dogs. At various times in my youth, we had an Old English Sheepdog, a Dachshund (Which lasted about a week, until it ate every last left shoe my mother owned) Brittany Spaniels, and a black lab/Irish setter mix. I don't remember any significant stretch of my childhood where we didn't have a dog.

I don't have a dog at the moment. I have a haughty, needy, adorable cat, but no dogs. I kind of miss them!

Maybe I am harking back to those long ago days of my childhood, but the last three books I've written, the hero has a dog who plays a big roll in the story. In His Prairie Sweetheart, Elias has a collie named Captain. Captain is friendly and energetic and loves children.

A picture of friend Renee Chaw's beautiful boy, the template for Captain

In my novella, Love at Last, which will be the finale to the collection 7 Brides for 7 Texans, my hero, Bowie has two dogs, Stonewall and Clara, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, or Catahoula Curs. He named them after Stonewall Jackson and Clara Barton, and in the story, Clara whelps a litter of beautiful pups.

Clara. I LOVE her blue eyes.

Catahoula pups

Stonewall. So athletic! Catahoulas are used as cattle dogs and for hunting feral pigs.

And in my current story, my hero, Thomas, has a Catahoula/mystery mutt mix named Rip, named after Texas Ranger Rip Ford. Rip has one yellow eye and one blue eye, and he's grown very attached to an orphaned newborn, to the point of not wanting to leave the baby.

Rip, the Catahoula/mystery mix. He looks like he's got some Husky or Akita in him. 

It turns out, I LOVE writing dogs into my stories! Dogs have such personality, and a hero with a dog is easy to relate to, shows a softer side, and has someone who cares about him right away.

On another happy doggy note, last night friends Tammy and Charlie from my church stopped by with a box full of corgi puppies!!!! Four little darlings, two males, two females. Two of them have sable markings and two of them have tri-color markings. Their mama, Pearl, is a gorgeous tri-colored little lady, and papa is a sable.

This handsome little fellow has the most adorable bit of white on one of his ears.

As you can see, they're used to being handled. This little lady is OUT cold. You can't see it, but she has a white heart-shape on her head that is adorable!!!

This bruiser is the alpha of the litter, a sable with an attitude! His mama, Pearl, is checking in n him.

This little girl was my favorite, a tri-color with a sweet disposition and great markings.

Pretty mama, Pearl. She is a red-headed tri, meaning she has a black saddle, but no black on her head.

This is papa, he's a sable, and he has GREAT corgi ears!!!

The puppies are for sale. If you're interested, email me through my website contact page at :) They're ready to go around Father's Day.

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  1. The puppies are SO stinkin' cute!!! Animals have only made cameos in my stories, probably because I'm not that familiar with them. The girls would like a dog, but we travel too much :(

    1. Dogs are such a commitment! It's hard to travel with them and hard to leave them at home! That's one of the reasons we haven't gotten one, too.


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