Monday, April 4, 2016

Work that Hums

Yesterday morning my husband and I took a rare Sunday morning break and went for breakfast.
When I grew up we didn't eat out much and doing so was a great treat and something to be celebrated. But now days eating out is common place in our busy work schedules.

Everyone has experienced a bad dining experience or two, and unfortunately those are the ones that get retold. But as Ted and I took the only places left at the bar of this breakfast diner, we soon realized we were in for a treat.

This place literally hummed...never missing a beat!

The seating capacity was only forty in this little cafe at the end of Periwinkle Drive, but we counted nearly ten working staff at Over Easy Cafe. They moved and flowed, never stopping, nearly without talking to one another. They just "knew" what to do and anticipated each other's next task.

From the art, to the food, to the coffee, it all melded into what felt like a blessing to us. After weeks of our own long hours working service jobs where we deal with people all day long--after trekking through two airports, cancelled flights, waiting on standby, and lost luggage--witnessing this little humming cafe turned out to be the treat we hadn't expected. Sitting there, watching the national news--this little place was the antithesis to everything that seems to be coming apart in the world.

At first we noticed the great art and warm cozy feel. 
And we have chickens of our own at home, so we loved the theme.

But then we noticed that the two cooks never even talked, they just did. In fact, even the six or more wait staff that included the owners, didn't chatter much either. It wasn't unfriendly sort of silence, it was what I like before I've had any coffee to start my day! It was the most well-oiled, functional service machine we'd ever seen. Like ants busy on an ant hill. 

And best of all...the coffee never stopped dripping!

If you've never served people day in and day out for weeks and years on end, you might not appreciate what it takes to serve. Being on the flip side of good work--literally felt like a million blessings yesterday morning!

Service: #It'sTheSmallThings  #ChooseYourAttituude #WorkWithASmile #GiveBack

Readers: as you go about your week this week, find one way to serve.
Notice good. Anticipate needs. Smile and give back.
Have a great week!
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Writer of Historical Romance inspired by her family roots. 
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Wife, mother, writer by night. 
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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! Such a cute place. My husband likes Waffle House because he can watch the staff cook, shout orders out and work together like a well oiled machine.
    We have a restaurant here in Tuscaloosa that reminds me of where you ate your breakfast. It's called Another Broken Egg and has similar decor. It's kind of expensive so we don't eat there very often.

    1. Sounds like another great place to eat, Gail!


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