Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Word Sowers Conference

Erica here:

At the time of this posting, I am in the car, rocking out to Home Free, Taylor Swift, and Michael Bolton (Don't judge, I like love songs!) driving to Nebraska! 

For a couple of days, I'll be at a writer's retreat with some of my writing buddies, including Mary Connealy and Lorna Seilstad (Go ahead, be jealous! I know I would be!) And after that, I'll be attending and presenting at the 2016 Omaha Christian Writer's Conference, put on by the WordSowers. 

This conference looks fantastic! More than TWENTY workshops to choose from, a great keynote speaker, and they've factored in lots of time to just hang out with and get to know people! Which is totally good, because I want the chance to fangirl on Cheryl St. John, one of my favorite authors. :) 

I'll be teaching on using the Plot Board to plot a novel, and I can't wait! In preparation, I've planned my wardrobe, refreshed my powerpoint slides, assembled a plot board kit for one lucky conference-goer, and...gotten my nails done! (Sparkly red, in case you wondered, because RED is best.)

I love meeting authors and talking about books and writing and stories and all things author-ish. I love taking classes and learning new things and seeing things from a fresh perspective.

When I get home, I'll be putting all my new knowledge to use as I race toward a new deadline. 

If you'd like to know more about the WordSower's Conference, check it out using the link below!

Our sign! :)
In other news, I know Jaime posted about this yesterday, but I wanted to post some pics, too. Jaime Jo Wright and I had a book signing this last weekend! It was Jaime's very first signing! It was held at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Rochester, MN, and we had a GREAT time! Lots of laughter, chatting, and meeting readers. Books were signed, books were sold out, and books were ordered! :) 

Many thanks to the folks from my church and from the TTL book club who came out to support us!
A smaller version of the event sign! Look! We're almost famous!

The Tantalizing Tea Ladies who drove down from the cities!

Me and this girl!
The signing was a joy, made even better by sharing it with Jaime!

Questions for you:

Have you been to a professional conference?
Have you taught a class or been a presenter at a conference?
Have you been to a book signing?

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  1. OH, I wish I could be in your class!!! You're going to be fantastic :D Plus, I've always loved the way you plot.

    1. :D I wish you could come, too! We'd have so much fun!


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