Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tips for a Book Signing

Book Signings! Exciting, a little nerve-wracking, a little least for a mostly-introvert like me. I've done a lot of book signings in a lot of stores, and each one has been a little different. I've learned a few things along the way, and I thought I would share them here with you, and share some fun NEWS at the end of the post.

So, here are some tips for authors about book signings, and a couple tips for readers.

For Authors

1. Communicate. In advance. Talk to the CRC (Community Relations Coordinator) about the signing, make sure you're both clear on the details of time, location, expectations. (I kid you not, as I was writing this blog post, I got a phone call from a CRC to confirm all the details about an upcoming signing. :) )

2. Connect. Make it easy for shoppers to connect with you. Get out from behind the table, be open and friendly. And give them ways to connect with you. I like to have a place readers can sign up for my newsletter. A flyer, bookmarks, cards, something with your name, face, book cover, etc.

3. Chocolate. People like chocolate. :) And drawings. I try to have a prize giveaway, and folks have to sign up for my newsletter to enter.

4. Congregate. Schedule book signings with other authors. It's easier to promote someone else's work that you like to other people, and if there are other authors around, you always have someone else to talk to during the slower times.

For readers/shoppers:

1. Relax! The author isn't going to leap over the table and shove their book into your face, begging you to buy it. Authors are book lovers, and I assume, if you're shopping in a bookstore, you are, too. Don't be afraid to talk to the book signer. You don't have to buy their book! But by talking to them, you will make their day!

2. Remember that books make great gifts, and signed by the author books make GREAT gifts! Even if the author doesn't write what you read, there is sure to be someone you know, mother, sister, cousin, boss, etc. you could buy a gift for.

After the event:

Authors: Remember to send a thank-you note to the CRC/Bookstore/Staff. They went to a lot of trouble for your event. It's manners to say thank you!

Readers: Follow up. Visit the author's website, FB page, etc. Post reviews of the book. Tell your friends about the book.

And now for the NEWS!

This Saturday, April 23rd, from 3-5 pm, Jaime and I will be attending a book-signing event at the Barnes & Noble at Apache Mall in Rochester, MN. I am so excited about this event for lots of reasons, but the most exciting reason is that it is JAIME'S FIRST BOOK SIGNING EVENT!!!! Squee!

We would LOVE to see you there if you can come!

Do you have any tips for authors at book signings?

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  1. Yay!! Have fun and enjoy it. :)

    1. :) When Jaime and I get together, we always have fun. I'm so glad she's going to be there!

  2. Wish I didn't live so far away!
    Have tons of fun!!

    1. I wish you could come! We're gathering for lunch beforehand with friends, and it would be so much fun if you were there!

  3. HAHAHA....a mostly introvert :P Have fun signing, and yay, Jaime!

    1. :D it's true! I call myself a gregarious introvert.


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