Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Erica here:

I am just about not worth a plugged nickel this week, and you know why? It's because I'm going to be visiting Gabrielle this weekend!

Gabe and I have plotted and planned a weekend together to brainstorm, write, edit, and talk, talk, talk about our love of all things history!

Consequently, I'm having a hard time focusing and forcing myself to do things that aren't trip-related. And there's so much to do! Laundry, bookkeeping, meal planning...not to mention putting words on my WIP.

Anyway, I'm ridiculously excited about the retreat. I love writing getaways! (Last October, I wrote a guest post for Seekerville about writing retreats. You can read it HERE.) And I love writing getaways best when spent with good friends. :)

Have you been on a retreat before?

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  1. I hope you ladies will discuss getting together with the other two and write at least one novel together.
    As in "Smitten" and subsequent novels written by Coble, Hunt, Hunter and Billerbeck.

    1. That would be so much fun! Although, with all of us together, I'm not sure how much work would get done... :D

    2. Well, you could always get together to throw around ideas, then write separately.

    3. True, but we all love talking so much, it would be hard to stay on task! :D

  2. Sadly, I have never been on a retreat :( But it sure sounds like fun! No wonder you can't concentrate.

    Doesn't Sedona sound like a wonderful spot? ((hint, hint))

    1. OOOO! Sedona for a retreat sounds like an AMAZING spot! Then again, so does Rochester...plotting how to get Georgiana to MN....

    2. LOL!!! could happen! Seems like so long since I've seen you :(


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