Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How To Have a Successful Booksigning - Do it with a friend!

Saturday was my first ever book signing and it was WEIRD! People keep asking me how it went, and I'm not sure what to say. It was great meeting new readers, having them autograph my autograph journal, chat about my story, laugh, and be all friendly. What was weird was having people line up for my signature. It was a microscopic taste of maybe what it's like to be a little bit of a celebrity? If I can say that without sounding like I love myself to pieces?

Signing my book and watching them smile, asking the readers how to spell their name . . . it was all so surreal. I mean really, all of the readers who came were so amazing and awesome, I wanted to have them sign my face!

That being said, having a successful book signing is subjective on how you measure it, right? Mass amounts of people? Sales numbers? ROI (return on investment)? Amount of coffee consumed? Well, in regards to the latter, I had a 4 shot flat white hazelnut latte, so I think I had that part covered successfully. But I measure success differently.

  1. Booksign with a friend! I think I drove Erica a little batty after when I posted pictures online

    and went all fangirl that I got to sign books next to her. So she probably knows what I mean when I say it's weird to have people line up to meet you. Because, seriously, Erica Vetsch has been one of my favorite authors since, well, she first started writing. Sitting next to her, signing my books? That was a wowser experience. It really was. Seeing her home, the family business, hanging with her ridiculously awesome daughter . . . it made the booksigning super amazing.
  2. Wish for family! On my two hour drive to location, I was alone in my car thinking how great it was to, well, be alone. Sometimes at work I'm bombarded all day only to come home and be bombarded by my kids and husband. I love it. I love my life! But two hours of podcasts in a car was next to heaven. Except by the time I reached Rochester, MN I started feeling a bit melancholy. You see, I've wanted to be a published writer since I was 13. I turn 40 this year. My 40th year I finally see that dream a reality. And the people who have been with me the last 27 years of it, watching me, and cheering me on? My parents, my Uncle Ken, and an old friend Dorothea who passed away at least 15 years ago now. I stuffed down my melancholy. I knew Cap'n Hook couldn't bring my CoCo and Peter Pan because it's just a bit too much for the kiddos. So, life happens. Here I was. Alone, with the exception of Erica. As I spoke at the booksigning, my eyes tried to make contact with the readers listening to me babble. They locked with the chocolate browns of a beautiful woman in the back row. "MY MOM'S HERE?!" I blurted out, totally stunning the audience with my outburst. Then my gaze drifted to the man grinning beside her. "MY UNCLE IS HERE?" and then another dude popped up from the crowd, "MY DAD IS HERE?" By then the entire group was laughing and a few clapped. I think some of the readers grasped that that moment for me, was the cherry on top of a chocolate ice cream sundae of dreams come true.
And that, my friends, is the key to a successful booksigning. Have super-de-dooper readers. Enjoy the moment with friends. Never negate the power of family. 

Here's some pictures of the big day :)

Selfie time with Catherine Armstrong and Erica Vetsch,
fellow authors at the Apache Barnes and Noble in
Rochester, Minnesota

Me with my two special men!
Uncle Ken (left), my Dad (right)

That special lady grinning down at me is my mommy :) <3


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  1. Loved this post. Congrats Jaime!

  2. Oh, this post totally made me smile! I love that your family surprised you!! Congratulations, Jaime!

  3. So fun to meet you, Jaime. You were delightful at the book signing.
    Now our book group will read your story. Looking forward to chatting with you about it. ~ Beverly Snyder

  4. So fun to meet you, Jaime. You were delightful at the book signing.
    Now our book group will read your story. Looking forward to chatting with you about it. ~ Beverly Snyder

    1. It was great to meet you too, Beverly!!!! And your daughter :)


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