Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feasts & Famines

Before I was a published author, I often wondered what the writer's life looked like. By reading lots of blog posts, following authors on social media, and making friends with published authors, I had a glimpse into their lifestyle.

I noticed two distinct seasons in a writer's life: the feast and the famine.

Being a published author is hard work. If you're contracted, you have to produce your best work possible, no matter what. It can be difficult when you face a daunting deadline and your creative juices are all squeezed out, when your personal life becomes crazy, or your other writing responsibilities demand your time. Sometimes, you have to choose your battles when it comes to titles, cover designs, and plot points. But, overall, the most difficult thing I've seen authors deal with are seasons of horrifying famine (when you have nothing releasing on the horizon, and you wonder if you'll ever have another contract).

Yet...there is another side of the author's life that most people dream about, the time of abundant feasting. It's a time when you're writing one book, revising another, and going over copy edits for a third...and then you get to see the sneak peek of the cover design for a fourth. It's moments like that when you laugh and dance and you want to celebrate--because that's what you do during a feast. You celebrate the bountiful harvest that you're reaping because of all the hard work you sowed.

The past four months have been a feast time for me. Since January, I have signed two contracts, one for a Barbour novella collection I'm CRAZY-excited about (Seven Brides for Seven Texans, December 2016), as well as a three-book contract with Love Inspired Historical. I wrote the first book in the Love Inspired Historical Series (titled A Family Arrangement, December 2016) last November/December, and I received my revision notes in January. On the heels of finishing the revisions, I was sent the copy-edits for my stand-alone Love Inspired Historical (A Mother in the Making, September 2016). After finishing those edits, I then began writing my novella, First Comes Love, for the Seven Brides for Seven Texans collection. Two days ago, I submitted my novella to the editor at Barbour. And last night, I began to plot my next Love Inspired Historical novel, which will release in 2017.

As I revel in this feast-time, I thank God for the blessings and responsibilities of these stories. I pray it's just the beginning of many stories to come, but even if it's not, I trust God to continue to provide in times of feasting and in times of famine. I've seen his faithfulness in the lives of my writer-friends, and I know He'll be faithful to me, no matter what that looks like.

At this moment, I have several author-friends who are experiencing feasts, and several who are in the midst of a famine. I celebrate with the one, and I mourn with the other--but through it all, I know we all serve a God who has a plan and who is using all the words written for His kingdom purpose. In the end, that's why we pursue this dream.

Your Turn: Are you in the midst of a feast or a famine? What have you learned in each season of life?

Gabrielle Meyer
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  1. Wow--what a neat perspective. And thank you too in addition to that for the encouragement/sharing your story.
    I'm somewhat in a valley type place--somewhat of a famine, somewhat of a feast, just not in the book contracted way I had hoped I'd be at. Not a nibble on the book I'm shopping around to agencies for two+ years as I continue to write its sequel & third book in its trilogy. BUT--polishing up my debut indie-published novel for its second birthday/anniversary AND learning more and more as an editor in training and assistant to the managing editor of Bling Romance (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.) And it has been AMAZING. All things God's dropped in my lap/on my heart and it's busy. So--a feast. :)


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