Monday, April 11, 2016

Favorite Bookstore Find

Brick and mortar bookstores have been trending down steadily since the rise of online bookstores such as, but they aren't extinct yet!

I'm always on the outlook for a great new bookstore, especially while on vacation. Every brick and mortar bookstore other than the big chains like Barnes & Noble, have a unique personality that is always fun to discover.

This week Ted & I spent our vacation on Sanibel Island, Florida and found a great little bookstore organized like none other I've ever experienced. If I wasn't already convinced I was in heaven with this view:

...I was certainly convinced when we entered Gene's Bookstore...'s organized by buildings! Building #1 is mysteries--galore!! Like book cases and cases that go on forever and ever! My mystery writing friend, Halee Matthews, would have thought she'd died and gone to heaven for sure!!

What book store has an entire building dedicated to mysteries? One that features every country! Australian and British were just a few. It was a literal maze, come follow me:

And beyond the first building was a second building dedicated to fiction, and a third building entirely for history books! Eeeeeeee!!

For a history lover, you brain about explodes when you walk in and there are so many books, there are stacks on the floor. As I browsed the stacks, a lovely lady stopped me to ask, "if you were shopping here would you buy this book?" She holds up a small copy of a book about the 1833 Cholera outbreak in Lexington, Kentucky. I notice the author is a nurse. "Of course I would, did you write this?"

Sure enough she had. She was looking to sell copies to the bookstore but just wanted to be sure it was the right sort of clientele. I bought a copy on the spot and we had a wonderful chat about history, Cholera, public health nursing, and writing. 

 Meet Terry Foody, RN, MSN, author of The Pie Seller, The Drunk, and The Lady.
You can find her at:

Do you visit local bookstores while on vacation?
Please share your best bookstore finds!  
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  1. Oh my! Sounds wonderful! I'll need to check this place out if I ever go to that part of Florida! :-)
    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

  2. Oh wow! I love places like that. Up by us is an old used bookstore in a train car. It's fabulous to walk through!
    I want to read that book! It isn't available on Amazon, and I cannot find that author on FB. I'll have to do more sleuthing. ;)

    1. Cool, that sounds so fun! What's the name of the bookstore on the train? I just shared a link/post to my FB page for Terry Foody's book. I bought my copy directly from her. Let me know if you can't reach her. :)

  3. I love visiting bookstores like this! And what a find you made! So glad stores like this still exist for us. What a neat thing to meet the author and buy her book. I'm sure you made her day. I had no idea there was a cholera outbreak in Lexington in 1883. I love learning new things.

    1. Me too, Nancy. Perhaps once I get off "island time" I'll have time to read it and post a review for everyone!


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