Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Unexpected Twists & Fur Babies

My morning took an unexpected turn. I'm late posting this blog because my plan was to get to the coffee shop around 8:30 and start work. I have a zillion company evals to proof and get back to managers and supervisors. But my cat Maddie, the black one hiding in the blankets in the pic to the left, was hissing and growling and meowing.

She's a normally affectionate cat and one of my two kitty-babies. (I know, it's disgusting how I melt around them) After inspection, her rear left leg is definitely sprained or worse, cracked. She cannot put weight on it. :(

I called my vet-friend who will be helping me take care of her. In the meantime, Maddie has been wrapped in a Tinkerbelle fleece blanket and nestled into her kitty bed in the garage (they're outside cats due to my husband's horrendous allergies, but highly spoiled). Water, food, litter box ....

I'm at the coffee shop now, and I realized something.

I am a closet sap. When it comes to my cats, I turn into an oozing puddle of mush. I want to sweep her up and take her in for Xrays, surgery, steroid shots, whatever . . . but the bank account screams its protests and my country-girl upbringing resonates the words "it's only a cat".

But she's my cat. So I'm hoping today, Maddie is comfy and cozy. She has been given some pain medication per the instructions of my vet friend. I'd sure like to sit in a lazy boy chair today with Maddie on my lap, though. Poor baby.

Do you have a pet? A fur baby? Something that melts your stiff exterior into a pile of goop?


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  1. I do have a fur-baby cat who is totally spoiled and is currently sitting on the arm of my chair purring like a bulldozer on idle. :)

  2. I had a fur baby. He did not know he was a dog. He needed a lot of care the last two years of his life. He was happy until the last week. We are coming on seven years without him and I miss him every single day. People have said "he was just a dog, get over it" they do not understand. I understand your desire to just cuddle up and comfort your kitty. You said they are outdoor cats, do you have kitty condos for them? My brother built some for my nieces cats. They love it.

    1. Awww, pets certainly do become a part of the family, don't they? I don't have kitty condos, but we have several outbuildings since we live in the woods. At night, they are ready to go into the enclosed and locked garage with their pillows and blankets, litter box, food, water, and comforts :)

  3. AWw, poor thing! I grew up on a farm where animals came and went and that was what we were taught and told - it's just a ____, get over it. But deep down I have a gooey heart for cats (and almost all animals) and feel the way you do. I'm a tomboy, but those little eyes just get me.

    1. EXACTLY! That's how I was raised too. The idea of spending $$ on vet bills was capped at about $50. lol Which is why I'm thankful for having a close friend who's pretty much for all sakes and purposes a vet herself. She just doesn't run an office. It helps.

  4. Jaime, I had an 11 year old Golden Retriever, Happy. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He was my child. I lost him to cancer even after surgery to remove the tumor.


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