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Meet Jessie Hart and the Author Who Loves Her

Erica Here:

I am thrilled to welcome Sandie Bricker to CC&C Blog. Sandie and I met in Denver in 2009, and have been friends through social media ever since. Sandie helped me write my very first press release, because she's cool that way. :) You will love Sandie's books, and her sassy heroines, which I suspect are based a wee bit on her own sassy self!

Jessie Hart is the heroine of three novels for Abingdon Press, written by award-winning author of Live-Out-Loud fiction, Sandra D. Bricker.  Sandie has brought Jessie along today for a chat and she tells us there are no topics off the table. This should be fun!

Jessie, you grew up in Louisiana, raised by your grandfather. How in the world did you end up in Southern California?
Jessie: I never really felt like I belonged in Slidell. I mean, I always felt different than everyone else. Even as a very young girl, I knew one day I’d leave there for an exciting and more glamorous life.

And did you find that in California?
Jessie: Not at first. (She laughs) But I met a man who made the fairy tale in my head very real. Jack and I were married for more than a decade. We lived in a beautiful house right on Malibu beach, and I had everything I ever wanted. Designer labels, an expensive car, a giant Neil Lane rock on my finger. I remember thinking nothing could ever take all that away. Until it crumpled like a flimsy sheet of paper, that is.

Sandie, as the author of Jessie’s story, what were you thinking?
Sandie: I apologize for putting you through all the drama, Jess … but really, now that the third book is written and in print, aren’t you glad I did? The lessons you learned about yourself, about life, and the romance you found with Danny kind of make it all worth it, right?

Jessie: Well, I wouldn’t trade Danny for anything! But maybe in a happier world I could have met him before I met Jack? Our eyes might have met across a crowded coffee shop … me sipping a caramel macchiato … Danny showing me those dimples of his…

Sandie: Yeah, we could have gone that way. But we didn’t. And you’re a better woman for it.

Jessie: My author has issues.

To her point, Jessie, what are the greatest lessons you learned throughout the three-book arc?

Jessie: The most important thing I learned is that God is in control. No matter what we face, no matter what crazy curveballs life throws at us, God has already given us everything we need to survive … and even thrive. I didn’t know that before I met Danny. The second lesson is that sometimes we have to peel back everything we think we know and return to the starting line in order to finish strong.

What do you two think will surprise readers as they read Book 3, the finale to the series?

Jessie: I’m pretty sure they’ll be amazed at how much I’ve changed since that opening scene in Book 1 (On a Ring & a Prayer) where all I could think about was what to have for lunch in Malibu and how pretty and shiny my ring was.

Sandie: I agree. Jessie has certainly grown and changed! In Book 2 (Be My Valentino), the signs were there as she built her business and learned to rely on the strength God had given her. But in Book 3 (From Bags to Riches), she really did face down her demons by returning to Slidell and also by taking a good, hard look at her marriage to Jack Stanton.

Jessie: Are  you saying you’re proud of me, Writer?

Sandie: Extremely.

Jessie: Well then, I’ve done my job.

Sandie: Me too.

Erica here: Thank you so much, Sandie! 

Click on this link to watch a lovely book trailer about this series! 


Sandra D. Bricker was an entertainment publicist in Los Angeles for 15+ years where she attended school to learn screenwriting and eventually taught the craft for several semesters. When she put Hollywood in the rearview mirror and headed across the country to take care of her mom until she passed away, she traded her scripts for books, and a best-selling, award-winning author of Live-Out-Loud fiction for the inspirational market was born.

Sandie is best known for her Another Emma Rae Creation and Jessie Stanton series for Abingdon Press, and she was also recently named ACFW’s Editor of the Year for her work as managing editor of Bling!, an edgy romance imprint for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. As an ovarian cancer survivor, Sandie also gears time and effort toward raising awareness and funds for research, diagnostics, and a cure.

Sandie is giving away an e-copy to one reader! You can enter by using the rafflecopter form below! 

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  1. I've been to New Orleans 3 times but never any further west than that.

    1. I've never been to NOLA, though I visited NE Louisiana briefly once. And I've never been to California, though if I do, I want to see the gold rush towns rather than Southern California.

  2. I have been to both California and Louisiana several times. Love both states.

  3. I have been to California. I loved touring the sites of Los Angeles.

  4. I've been to California,not since I was a kid,though.I went with my mom to visit her family. By the way thank you both for the entertaining interview,sounds like a wonderful series! Looking forward to reading it!


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