Thursday, March 10, 2016

All I Know is Apple Trees

My children have been watching Disney's American Legends and one of the stories is about Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman). In the cartoon, Johnny wants to go west, but he doesn't believe he has what it would take. An angel visits him to encourage him to go, but Johnny says: "All I know is apple trees." The angel goes on to tell him that he doesn't need to know anything more--there's a wealth of opportunity from the simple apple fruit.

When I heard Johnny say those simple words: "All I know is apple trees," it made me think about how far someone can go when they have passion. Even if he didn't know anything else, his passion for one thing made him a living legend. Johnny might not have had great strength and breadth of chest (as he says in the cartoon), but he loved apple trees, and because of his passion, he became an American figure that still remains an important part of our culture today.

What is the one thing you are passionate about? How would you fill in the blank: "All I know is..."

Often, I think we don't pursue the thing God placed in our heart to pursue because we think we don't have what it would take. Maybe we don't have an education. Maybe we don't have strength. Maybe we don't have money. But what do we have? We have passion, and passion is priceless. It took Christopher Columbus across an ocean. It took Charles Lindbergh back across that ocean. It took Neil Armstrong to the moon. It took George Washington through a revolution. It took pioneers across an untamed country. Where will it take you?

For me, I have an incredible passion for writing, history, and Jesus. I thank God every day that He allows me to combine those three things and write for His glory. I have no aspiration to go down in history like Johnny Appleseed, but I would love for my children and grandchildren to know that if I could reach for my dreams, so can they. That's the legend, or legacy, I'd love to leave behind.

What about you? What are you passionate about?

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  1. Gabe, I enjoyed this post! I want my life to bring Him glory. Blessings to you!


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