Thursday, February 11, 2016

Parenting is Hard

Next to being a wife, my greatest joy in life is being a mom. I have amazing, talented, beautiful children. They are my heart's desire. But, even with all their attributes, it's still hard to be a parent.

It's hard to wake up every morning and start the routine all over again. It's hard being consistent.It's hard to be understanding. It's hard to be patient. It's hard to meet the unique challenges each child presents. It's just hard.

But there comes an indescribable joy when God reaches through my inabilities, and shows me He is at work in my children lives, even during the hard times.

We recently had conferences for our twin boys. They began kindergarten this year in separate classrooms.

One of our boys is "the spirited one." He's incredibly smart, focused, determined, curious, imaginative, and passionate. He loves the inside world, just as much as the outside world, and he is always exploring building, creating, and dissecting. I'm endlessly amazed by him.

But he's the type of child that people have two very different reactions to. Either they are fascinated by him--or irritated.

I was nervous sending him off to school, wondering if his teacher would be the fascinated kind--or the irritated.

It quickly became obvious to us that his teacher is the fascinated kind--and we love her for it. At conferences this past week, I had to hold back tears as she told us how much she loves having him in her room, and how much she'll miss him when the school year ends. She completely understands him, and affirmed for us that he has an amazing capacity for knowledge and academics. His test results show he is well-above average, and some of the mental skills he has are on a different level than most five-year-olds.

We've always called him our non-conformist--and she affirmed this, too. She said: "I never worry that he'll follow the wrong crowd...I'm certain he'll be the one leading it!"

But just like everyone, our son's greatest strengths can also be his greatest weaknesses. Because of his ability to "think outside the box," he's forever finding ways to bend the rules. It's amazing (and frustrating)!

There comes a great responsibility with raising children, especially one like our boy. My husband and I work diligently to direct our son's gifts and talents in a way that will benefit him, the world, and God. It isn't always easy, and some days we're just plain tired, but in moments like our conference time, we're reminded that it's worth all the extra effort.

His teacher said she can recognize the tools we're giving our son to succeed--and that makes all the difference for him. Those tools are a direct result of our faith in God, and the tools He's given us through his Word.

Parenting is hard...but it's oh, so worth it.

Gabrielle Meyer
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  1. Keep up the good work, Gabrielle! I always find it so affirming when other parents are also willing to admit how difficult parenting can be - it's nice to know that other people who are good parents and are blessed with wonderful children still find it to be a struggle just like I do. I'm glad the conference went so well, I'm sure it's been a huge benefit to your son to have a teacher who understands and appreciates him.

    1. Thank you, Laurie. It was harder for me to admit parenting is hard when my first two daughters were little, because I felt like I was being a bad parent! But when the twins came along, I realized every child is so different, and it's okay to admit that it's hard! But there are moments, like this one, that make it worth all the hard work. Thanks for stopping by! So nice to see you here. :)


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