Monday, February 15, 2016

Looking for Love~~in all the Old Places

Inside my grandparent's old bedroom dresser is a small wooden chest where I found their old valentines cards while sorting through things with Mom. I remember that old dresser sitting in the bedroom of their Northern Michigan home for decades. I remember the smell of that room--a mix of clear woodland air, a hint of sand and lake water, and a little bit of just plain oldness.

Now grandma's old dresser sits in my childhood bedroom. When I was a kid, there was another dresser full of old mementoes that sat in my parent's bedroom. It was a favorite activity to go through all the drawers full of things from the past, nearly like walking through the back of a wardrobe into Narnia. I loved the old pictures, newspapers, and yearbooks tucked in those drawers.

I love everything vintage. So when mom pulled a stack of valentines cards from that old dresser that my grandpa John and grandma Emma had sent each other from the 1930's and earlier, I was thrilled. Aren't they lovely?!

How wonderful is this font of my great aunt's name inside, like a calling card?!

Of course, Valentine's Day is a day just like any other. Except, it's a good reminder to take the time to tell someone how much you care and love them. Remember the love that has impacted you. Share love to those around you who need a little extra! Thank someone who showed you love. Take the time this week, even though the day has already passed. 

Mom and Dad--thanks so much for fifty-plus years of loving each other! 

Ted, thanks for sharing life with me, sweetheart! 

Readers: Sometimes Valentine's Day brings out the sadness of loss, loneliness, or love gone missing. Or even the ache of love that just hasn't shown up yet. I challenge you to look for love this week. Find ways to celebrate love. Call a friend for coffee. Tell a favorite old story of love. Find your old cards and pack them in a special place in your dresser for your grandchildren to find someday...
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