Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!!

Leap Day used to be a mere blip in the calendar to me. An oddity that messed up what day your birthday landed on, how many days were in a month, something odd made up by scientist to set the clock straight with the earth's rotation again.

But twenty years ago today, it became special. Our son, Calvin Benjamin, joined our family! Happy "5th" birthday, Ben! On a Thursday night after Friend's and ER, Ben made an arrival that made our family of four complete. Our doctor stayed late passed his call duty to deliver Ben, telling us it was special for him because his grandmother had been born on Leap Day. She had lived to be 96, and had she lived until Ben's Leap Day, would have been 100 that night.

People always ask, "but when do you celebrate your birthday when you get leaped?"
Easy, whatever day we pick!

Even though this year, it falls in the day, we had to celebrate on the 27th and 28th since he's at college today.

He's grown a little hair in five years, and still just as great looking!

We celebrated at Fiddler's Hearth, and had family dinner at Grandma's. 
There's nothing like being home for celebrations!
Happy Leap Day Birthday Ben!

Readers: What kinds of fun family celebrations do you have? 
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