Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday's Devo: Glowing Green Hearts & God's Glory...

Funny thing when the highlight of my week was a text from my son about fruit flies.

Fruit fly larva, to be exact.

He busted it hard to find a class for January term of his sophomore year, as all the science classes or education classes he needed were all full, or he hadn't had the prerequisites yet. He had called late November, still on pins and needles, saying he thought he'd have to sit out the term. With encouragement and a meeting with his advisor, he managed to arrange a practicum assisting a microbiology professor to prep her course for next semester.

Basically, he's getting credit for being her lab rat/geek.

Wednesday, I'd texted him to find out how it was going...

Me: how's it going in the lab?
Him: ok.

(Long convo, big surprise).

But Thursday he sends this:

My son: "This is a picture I took through a microscope of a fruit fly larva that I extracted from its protective covering. It also has a bioluminescent gene to make its heart light up green. I just thought I'd share my cool moment of the day."

On the way home from work, it just made my day.
That's when I stopped to be reminded of glory moments from the past.
Surely you've seen them too.

There was: 
~~that time when I was four or five and was surrounded by a swarm of yellow swallowtail butterflies on the beach with grandma.
~~that time Dad woke us and carried us outside in the dead of night to see orange Northern Lights dance across the sky.
~~the time I got to see Mt. Saint Helen's, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer, and Mt Adams on a clear day of a hiking trip in the Cascades. 
~~that time I caught a 16 inch Rainbow Trout in high school while fishing with Dad and I filleted it myself.
~~that time my family yelled at me for not doing my part of the kitchen table prep, because I was too busy studying the most beautiful, ginormous, red juicy, most amazing, slicing, garden tomato I've ever seen in my life. 
~~that time on a two track trail in the cedar swamp of Upper Michigan when Ted and I found a blooming pink Lady Slipper in the middle of the damp green forrest. 
~~that time when I was a nursing student in the newborn nursery for the first time and stood in awe studying the eyelashes of an hours-old newborn, and Dr. Stoltzfus walked in and declared: "You do know they're not monkeys..."

God's glory moments. That's what they are.

Sent to delight and reassure us of Who's in charge. 

And Friday morning, at the end of a visit with a patient facing a tough month and a tough diagnosis, I pulled out my phone, pulled up the Glowing-Green-Fruit-Fly-Larva-Heart and reminded us both:
...The God who makes genes that make unseen things glow green, has you in His hands...

What glory moments has God sent you?
Take time to pause and remind yourself that He delights in sending them.
He delights in reassuring you, He has you in His hands...
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  1. This post is just fabulous. I love the little reminders in every day life. :)

    1. Oh thanks, Susan. I'm so glad it was a good reminder for you this week. :)


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